Trollpot 5000

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Reel Resign

3 x 3

دوران الحظ


طرق الفوز


الربح الأقصى


معدل اصابة




مدى الرهانات

$0.02 to $20

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About Trollpot 5000 (NetEnt) at BC.GAME

Trollpot 5000 from NetEnt, looks like a beefed-up version of the land-based casino arcade slot machine. The provider uses its notorious neon artwork while also adding a little twist of Irish culture with a Pot of Gold and Clover symbols. Moreover, Trollpot 5000 allows you, as a player at BC.GAME, to get straight into the action with its simplistic game and sound design. And, even though there is no soundtrack, the audio effects create the perfect tension for the upcoming winning combination.  

Introduction to Trollpot 5000 (NetEnt)

Trollpot 5000 from NetEnt has a small 3 x 3 reel layout that is designed as a combination of blue neon square glass-like structures resembling together the surface of the disco ball. From time to time, you could see, on the rows, three arrows lighting up and sliding upwards, while in the background, two light projectors create a live concert atmosphere.
Basic Symbols

There are only six Basic symbols, including Bar, Clover, Fly Agaric Mushroom, Celtic Symbol, Star Gem, and 7 that have 0.5x, 1x, 1.5x, 2.5x, 5x, and 10x total bet multipliers, respectively. However, they are enough to make the video slot extremely fun to play. Because of one payline and a three-reel structure, to get a winning combination, you must land three identical symbols.

Blank Symbol

You may encounter quite a strange occurrence of empty slots during your spins. This is by no means a mistake. They are called Blank symbols and do not have any total bet multipliers, adding extra spice to the game.

Multiplier Wilds

A Multiplier Wild symbol is designed as a monkey with a joker hat and can land on any reel. It combines functions of a Wild and multiplier. The first is based on Wild, replacing any other symbol except the Arrow and Jackpot ones. In other words, you can land one Wild and two identical Basic symbols or two Wilds and one identical Basic symbol and still have a winning combination. The second function is a 2x, 4x, or 8x multiplication of your total bet, if you manage to land one, two, or three Multiplier Wilds, respectively. Landing three of them also has a 10x total bet payout before the multiplication.

Nudge Feature

NetEnt created Trollpot 5000 with a 3 x 3 reel layout on purpose. When you get a winning combination, it lands on the second reel and gets lit up, while the symbols on the first and third ones are kind of in the shadows. However, they play a huge role in the gameplay.

After a win, if the first reel has an identical symbol to your combination, it will slide downwards, creating a new winning combination. It will continue doing so from left to right until there is either a Blank symbol or a symbol different from the one in your combo. For example, you landed three Clovers on the second reel, resulting in a win. Starting with the first row, if there is another Clover symbol on the first reel, it will slide down to the second reel while pushing your previous landed symbol to the third reel and adding a new one on the first reel, resulting in a new win. Now, if, for example, the first reel’s symbol is a Bar, the Nudge feature will stop for the first row and start for the second, depending on if it has a Clover on the first reel. If there are no identical symbols on any reel, the Nudge feature will not activate.

Furthermore, there is an upward-looking arrow gem symbol with golden borders. You will be able to see it only after getting a winning combination. The only case when the Nudge feature would not stop is if the symbol on the first reel is an Arrow. When it slides to the second reel, it activates, resulting in the specific row sliding to the bottom. After this, that specific row continues on with the Nudge feature, as explained above.


Trollpot 5000 also has a Jackpot feature which consists of three rewards, designed as pots of gold - Mini, Midi, and Mega with 20x, 100x, and 5000x total bet multiplications, respectively. You can win the Jackpot only in two circumstances.

First, if you managed to land three of them on the winning reel. So, for example, if you landed on the first row of the second reel a Mini Jackpot, on the second row a Midi Jackpot, and on the third one - a Mega Jackpot, you are still going to get paid because there is no need to get three identical Jackpots. However, in this case, the lowest paying Jackpot will be used to distribute rewards, meaning Mini Jackpot. If you landed two Midis and one Mega, you would get paid with a Midi Jackpot.

The second circumstance is when the Nudge feature has stopped, and the first row has three identical or non-identical Jackpot symbols. The game mechanics are completely similar to the ones we described above - the payout is always for the lowest Jackpot.

Strategy for Trollpot 5000 (NetEnt)

Trollpot 5000 from NetEnt is a high-volatility video slot game. You will land winning combinations quite rarely, but when you do, the payouts will be gargantuan, especially because the title has an insane 5,000 maximum possible payout. Therefore, the best piece of advice from us to you would be to make small bets. Moreover, we recommend you focus on landing symbols so that you can use the Nudge feature for your benefit, resulting in huge total bet multiplications.

Trollpot 5000 (NetEnt): Summary

Trollpot 5000 from NetEnt is a simplistic video slot game with a punch. The provider developed a perfect title that creates a challenging, fun, and engaging gaming experience even with a small 3 x 3 reel layout. As a player at BC.GAME, anyone can 100% be sure that Trollpot 5000 is the right entertainment solution for them!

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