Lucky Streak 3

RTP (প্লেয়ারে ফিরে যান)


রিল পদত্যাগ করুন

3 x 3

লাকি স্পিন


উপায় জয়


ম্যাক্স উইন


আঘাত হার




স্টেক রেঞ্জ

$0.01 to $200

এই খেলা সম্পর্কে

Lucky Streak 3 (Endorphina): Slot Review & Theme

Lucky Streak 3 by Endorphina offers a fresh take on the classic fruit machine-style slot. The game maintains the traditional 3 x 3 reel setup but adds a touch of excitement with its rich red-gold flames surrounding the reels. The oversized fruit symbols, including plump grapes, zesty lemons, shiny plums, and juicy cherries, look enticing on the screen. Additionally, non-fruit symbols like blazing 7s, golden bells, stars, and BAR icons add variety to the gameplay.

In terms of audio, Lucky Streak 3 follows a standard classic approach. While there's no continuous background music, players will hear the familiar clicks and occasional bursts of a tune as the reels spin and when winning combinations land. This minimalistic sound design ensures that players won't miss the notification for the gamble feature activation, adding to the overall gaming experience.

Paytable and Bet Size

In Lucky Streak 3's demo mode, the paytable reveals that the symbols offer relatively modest payouts, with minimal variations in their values. To secure a prize, players need to match three identical symbols on the reels. Here's an overview of the payout values for each symbol:

The highest-paying symbol in the game is the trio of "77" symbols, which rewards players with a payout of x30 their initial stake and the number of lines played. This can lead to substantial winnings if luck is on your side.

Following that, we have the "star" symbol, offering a payout of x4.00 for a combination of three on the reels.

Next in line are the "bell" symbols, which provide a payout of x1.20 when three of them appear in a winning combination.

The fruity symbols, including grapes, lemons, cherries, and plums, all offer a similar payout of x0.80 for three matching symbols on the reels.

Finally, the "bar" symbols offer a payout of x10 when you land three of them on a payline.

About Lucky Streak 3 (Endorphina) at BC.GAME

Lucky Streak 3, created by Endorphina, is an engaging online slot game available at BC.GAME. This particular slot adheres to the classic fruit machine style with its 3 reels and 5 paylines. It offers a medium variance, which means players can anticipate a balanced mix of smaller and larger wins throughout their gameplay.

One of the notable features of Lucky Streak 3 is its Return to Player (RTP) rate, which stands at 96%. This RTP percentage is generally appealing to players, as it signifies that, over time, the game is set to return around 96% of the total bets as winnings. This competitive RTP rate enhances the game's attractiveness, making it more appealing to fans of Lucky Streak 3 and online slot enthusiasts in general.

Moreover, Lucky Streak 3 boasts a unique risk gamble style feature, adding an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay. This feature allows players to take risks and potentially multiply their winnings, adding an element of suspense and strategy to their gaming experience.

Feature of Lucky Streak 3 (Endorphina)

Lucky Streak 3 by Endorphina introduces a unique and thrilling feature known as the 'Risk Game,' which adds an extra layer of excitement and potential credit-boosting opportunities to the classic fruit slot experience. This feature is quite distinctive and not commonly found in games with classic themes.

Risk Game

The Risk Game is triggered after every win in the game, and a distinct beeping sound from the reels signals its availability to players. Here's a breakdown of how this exciting feature operates:

1. Optional Challenge: The Risk Game is entirely optional, giving players the choice to participate. To accept the challenge, players must click on the red playing card symbol located on the far left of the under-reel controls.

2. Staking Your Winnings: If you decide to take the risk, the entire win from your previous spin is staked in this game.

3. Card Selection: In the Risk Game, five cards are presented, but only one is revealed to the player. The objective is to select one of the remaining four cards and hope that its value is higher than the displayed card. If your chosen card is higher, you double your winnings. However, if you guess wrong, the bonus feature concludes.

4. Multiple Rounds: Lucky Streak 3 allows players to continue with this risk game for up to a maximum of 10 rounds if they keep guessing correctly. However, it's important to note that there are no safety nets in place. If you make an incorrect guess at any point, you forfeit the winnings accumulated in your bonus pot. Players have the option to accept their winnings at any time during these rounds and exit the risk area with no penalty.

5. Joker Card: A special rule to keep in mind is that the Joker card beats all other cards, and the dealer will never have a Joker.

Lucky Streak 3 (Endorphina): Summary

Lucky Streak 3, developed by Endorphina, offers a classic fruit machine slot experience with a contemporary twist. While it may not be the most lucrative slot available, it makes up for it with its entertaining risk feature. This unique addition adds an exciting dimension to the traditional gameplay, making it appealing to players looking for some extra excitement.

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