Moon Princess

RTP (প্লেয়ারে ফিরে যান)


রিল পদত্যাগ করুন

5 x 5

লাকি স্পিন


উপায় জয়


ম্যাক্স উইন


আঘাত হার




স্টেক রেঞ্জ

$0.2 to $100

এই খেলা সম্পর্কে

Moon Princess (Play’n GO) Review & Theme

Moon Princess at BC.GAME is an intriguing slot inspired by the Sailor Moon anime series, and the game offers similar themes and settings. The graphics in the Moon Princess slot are extremely detailed, and the gameplay is fast-paced. The soundtrack includes fast-paced electronic music that accentuates the excitement of the gameplay. The Moon Princess slot is a fun game for fans of the manga series.
The background of the Moon Princess slot is nice-looking and changes when a new princess appears. For example, the Love power background contains hearts, while the Storm and Star princesses have stars. In addition, the symbols in the game are nicely designed.

About Moon Princess (Play’n GO) at BC.GAME

Moon Princess boasts an impressive RTP (Return to Player) of 96.5%, surpassing industry-average standards. While Moon Princess offers a high RTP, it's essential to note that the game carries a significant degree of volatility. This means there may be larger winning opportunities, but it also comes with higher uncertainty. Players may experience periods of smaller victories but also have the chance to claim astonishing, jaw-dropping jackpots.

Therefore, players are advised to approach Moon Princess cautiously and craft prudent gambling strategies to balance risk and potential rewards. This game provides a unique opportunity for players seeking excitement and entertainment as they explore an enchanting fantasy world and chase after significant prizes.

Paytable and Bet size

Moon Princess at BC.GAME offers players various betting options, allowing for diverse gaming experiences. You can place bets ranging from $0.2 to $100. This extensive bet size range caters to cautious players who prefer smaller wagers and high-rollers seeking the thrill of larger bets.

To win the prize associated with any of these symbols, players must find between three and five symbols arranged horizontally or vertically. The four symbols with smaller payouts are the bell, heart, star, and rainbow we previously described. When you land three of the star or rainbow, you'll receive ten coins; for four, you'll receive 20; for five, you'll receive 200. The heart and bell have a slightly higher payout of 15 coins for three symbols, 30 for four, and 300 for all five.

The princesses themselves are one of the other symbols that can pay up. All three symbols—Love, Star, and Storm—pay out 30 coins for three of the same kind, 100 for four and 1,000 for all five. A full moon with a gold border symbolizes the wild, which is another option.

This symbol offers the biggest payouts—100 coins for three of them, 300 coins for four, and 5000 coins for all five—and acts as a stand-in for all other symbols to help you form more lucrative winning combinations. Find the wild on the grid, and your likelihood of winning greatly increases.

Features of Moon Princess (Play’n GO)

Moon Princess at BC.GAME has three features to trigger to win the main Free Spins feature.  Another highlight of Moon Princess by PlaynGo is its cluster-pay feature. This option increases the payouts of winning combinations by multiplying their values by the number of coins stacked.

Wild Symbols

Moon Princess includes Wild symbols, represented by the moon symbol, which can substitute for other paying symbols to help create winning combinations.
Random Feature and Girl Power

Moon Princess features a random event that can occur on non-winning spins. The visible princess can trigger one of three Girl Power features:

Love: Converts one set of symbols into another symbol.

Star: Adds 1 or 2 Wild symbols to random positions on the grid.

Storm: Removes two sets of symbols, potentially triggering a cascade of new symbols.

Free Spins and Retriggering Feature

To trigger the free spins feature, you must fill a meter by landing winning combinations with princess symbols. Once triggered, Love, Star, and Storm perform their Girl Powers in one free round. Clearing the grid during this feature re-triggers it and maintains the current win multiplier. This offers the potential for extended bonus rounds and increased win multipliers.

Moon Princess (Play’n GO): Summary

Moon Princess at BC.GAME has very well-curated animation inspired by the Sailor Moon anime series. With an RTP of 96.5% and a high volatility, users must be patient before landing big winning combinations. However, the cluster-pay style and lots of free spin rewards given by the princess symbols form an attractive combo, making the Moon Princess slot by PlaynGo a tempting choice.

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