Time Spinners

RTP (প্লেয়ারে ফিরে যান)


রিল পদত্যাগ করুন

5 x 4

লাকি স্পিন


উপায় জয়


ম্যাক্স উইন


আঘাত হার




স্টেক রেঞ্জ

$0.1 to $100

এই খেলা সম্পর্কে

TimeSpinners at BC.GAME (Hacksaw): Features

This  Hacksaw Gaming slot machine is playable on all platforms, including mobile, desktop, and notepads. When three or more of the same kind of symbols appear on adjacent reels starting from the far left, you have created a winning combination.

Clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades are the less lucrative symbols. A payout of 1X to 2X the bet is given for getting 5 of a particular symbol type. A book, a scroll, a timepiece, and a golden orb are the highest-paying symbols. 5X to 20X, the bet is paid out if you get five of a particular sort of symbol. The wild symbol is a golden W, and the game's wild multiplier is a red pocket watch. The game's sync symbol is a green and gold pocket watch, while the echo and scatter symbols are dice and a ghost, respectively. What do the features do? Let's find out.

By replacing other winning symbols, the game's wild sign aids in forming more winning combinations.

A multiplier between 2X and 12X will be revealed if you generate a win with a wild multiplier. The winner will then be multiplied by this multiplier. If multiple wild multipliers are present in the same win, they will be added together before being multiplied by the win. You can get up to 10 wild multipliers at once in the basic game, but you can get up to 15 in the bonus game.

All wild multipliers on the reels will receive the most significant multiplier value displayed on any of them if this symbol lands on them.

The Borrowed Time Bonus Game feature starts playing after you get three scatter symbols. The collect and payout phases are the two distinct phases of this bonus game.

You will start the collection phase, where you will get three respins. Only wild pocket watch, sync, echo, and non-winning symbols can be landed during these spins. The respins are reset to three each time you land a wild pocket watch, sync, or echo symbol.

Wild Pocket Watch: This is a land where the multiplier ranges from 2 to 12, and it locks into place.

Normal Echo: If this is landed, it will increase the value of any nearby wild multipliers by a factor of 1X, 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X, or 10X.

Epic Echo: If you land this, it will increase its value by the sum of all nearby wild multipliers. Its value may be 2X, 3X, 4X, or 5X.

The Payout Phase begins once you have used all of your respins.

The following two extra buy options:

Each spin has a two-times (active) chance of successfully triggering the Borrowed Time Bonus Game. The RTP is 96.24%, and the volatility is moderate.

100X = You start the high-volatility Borrowed Time Bonus Game with a 96.2% RTP.

Time Spinners at BC.GAME (Hacksaw): Verdict:

We meet the ghost who controls time in this intriguing segment. Our current location—a dungeon with shackles holding up the reels—is a good blend between the gloomy atmosphere, the appropriate soundtrack, and the more stimulating symbols that may appear during the spins. It's undeniably a game suited for fans of multiplier wilds because they can lead to some significant bonanzas during the spins.

Up to 10 may already appear in the main game at once, where they might contribute to the creation of explosive winning combinations. Each can have a multiplier of up to 12X, so when sync your watches is engaged, all multipliers are matched with the most significant multiplier now appearing on the reels. This makes it feel even more joyful. The suit symbols are primarily filler and don't pay much, but when the better-paying symbols line up and combine with these multipliers, it becomes clear how it is possible to earn up to 10000 times your initial stake.

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