Cave Of Plunder
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Anyone who is fond of diamonds and digging will love the new and thrilling mining game adventure offered by Cave at BC.Game. This slot game is developed only by BC.GAME and is available for play on their website. You will go deep into an open mine as you enter the gameplay. What makes it more thrilling is that the mining area can be flooded easily by rainwater.

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Since the last update , this game has made it up to me. Yeah some day we have our days where i lose alot but when coco allows me to win, he really lets me win, i can play with 20 cents every hour and come up, today i deposited 7 dollars and withdrew 640 and sent a friend 150. The game is doing what it is supposed to be doing. Also to everyone that is saying you went 10 or 20 spins without anything but loss, 1. Bullcrap 2. You cant count a blank as a loss, you pay your bet to spin yes but if…..
$2,500 EXCLUSIVE CAVE CHALLENGE #65 ⏳️Start: 23 January 11:00 am GMT ⏳️Ends: 30 January 11:00 am GMT ⚡️Win the highest multiplier 🏆Available Prizes🏆 👑 1st...............$500 🤴 2nd.............$300 👑 3rd..............$200 👑 4th..............$100 👑 5th................$50 👑6th-10th.......$30 💫All other participants $700 SUBMIT ENTRIES ▶️https://forum.bc.game/topic/13006-0
Man if this slot has a 1% house edge then im the Queen of fuggen England
Hi Coco
caves used to be fun. However lately I have found that the odds have significantly been lessened resulting in 12 dead spins in a row, with a few skulls in between. Whilst provably fair in a sense, you will have far better odds and RTP playing third party games. I will not be spending any more money on this game until further review has been done by an independent legal assessor
Putas ratas de mierda más de 20 veses seguidas la calaca q hijos de puta son mierdas
this game is driving me crazy :( What do you want from me
All the bc originals are so unlucky
all skull
Bring your women, put their sex videos on the Keskesha site
حرومزادها کصکشا مادرجندها
what game is this 4 out of 5 times it comes to the skull and one is half
Only reason i cant call this game a straight up robbery is cause it never pulled a gun on me. Still theft tho.
I would also like to offer brotherly advice to everyone .. Enter here to have fun and play in your free time .. Do not look for a profit to live with throughout your life from the drawing of your imagination .. If it happened, then it was with it, and if this did not happen, you live comfortably .. (Playing is morals .. Be With a sporty spirit .. you win hearts and earn money together | stay away from the pessimists and the negative)
I ❤️💚 Bcgame 🍀🍀
"I can do this all day", the captain said, and then he die... lol...