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Lanzamiento: 4/22/2022
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Do you have what it takes to win amazing prizes? We're talking about the exciting roulette-style Ring of Fortune at BC.GAME, where you only need to choose among a variety of colors: green, orange, purple, or gray, and win if the roulette lands on your color.
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   Do you have what it takes to win amazing prizes? In this case, we’re talking about the exciting roulette-style Ring of Fortune at BC.GAME, where you only need to choose among a variety of colors: green, orange, purple, or gray, and win if the roulette lands on your color.

Ring of Fortune doesn’t try too hard to be anything else. Regardless, it offers a hypnotizing form of entertainment with its roulette wheel game style, letting players indulge in winning their bets as the color wheel spins round and round to land on the color of their choice.

As Coco takes a break from his job at the factory, you’ll find him in a trance as he watches the vibrant wheel in the Ring of Fortune that continuously spins, wishing it finally lands on the good green area. What’s more, there is a catch that awaits players! The green zone is sought-after, mainly since it contains the most significant 99x multiplier, giving players staggering wins they’ll enjoy!

To play Ring of Fortune, all you need to do is place your bets on at least one or more colors. After you have done this, click the ‘Bet’ button. Here, you’ll see that the wheel starts to spin. All you have to do afterward is wait until the wheel stops at the color on which you placed a bet – if it does, you win.

Ring of Fortune at BC.GAME: Features

The slot developer is reputable for its ease of use and minimalistic settings – a feature that is clearly evident in the Ring of Fortune. Upon seeing this game, you might immediately compare the game’s design as similar to the famous Wheel of Fortune game. However, these two games differ in so many ways.

So what’s so different about the RIng of Fortune at BC.GAME, you ask? Firstly, the Ring of Fortune comes with four betting alternatives or choices in four colors. The gray one offers 2x your bet, the purple one has 3x the bet, the orange has 6x your bet, and the green one offers 99x your bet, which is probably the biggest win you can bag in this roulette wheel-styled game. While the Wheel of Fortune game lets you bet on a single color at a time, Ring of Fortune takes this up a notch and allows players to bet on all colors in the ring at once, if you prefer.

The layout of the ring is that it has a total of 32 fields that are colored green, purple, orange, and gray. The gray colors take up 15 parts out of 32, the purple takes up 10, the orange 6, and the green only takes up one space. Landing on the green one can be what players initially aim for because of the staggering prizes that await, although having a one out of 32 probability makes this play riskier than most.

Even so, the odds are calculated differently. Just because the green one takes up a single spot in the ring doesn’t mean you only get a 3.1% chance. The colors only represent a set of numbers that range from 0 to 1000 behind the scenes. The gray one represents numbers from 0 to 495, the purple one ranges from 496 to 825, the orange one from 826 to 990, and the green one represents numbers between 991 and 1000. In turn, this translates to these odds, whereas landing in the gray area gives you a 495 out of 100 or 49.5% probability, landing in the purple area offers a 330 out of 10000 probability or 33% chance, and landing in the orange area offers a 165 over 1000 probability or 16.5% chance, and landing on the green one provides players with a 10 out of 1000 probability or roughly 1% chance.

What’s great about the Ring of Fortune at BC.GAME is that it guarantees fair results. You can verify and check the bet outcomes by clicking on the acorn icon at the top bar to generate a new seed, then select the bet you prefer. This redirects you to a new tab in your browser that shows the final result of the bet.

If you’re still distrustful about the result, you can also opt to calculate it manually should you wish to.

Ring of Fortune at BC.GAME: Slot Verdict

Ring of Fortune is a progressive slot and jackpot game, unlike other slots. Other players who are used to video slots may find this challenging and appealing. Still, the charm of the Ring of Fortune game is its simple yet charismatic way of letting players indulge in an enjoyable player experience without all the flashy graphics or symbols. Every spin makes you want to bet and play more, which makes the game intriguing and exciting in and of itself.

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I love this game! $2, bam 198
evil site
Bet multiple colors get shit gameplay
I let my money gone to hit 99x almost 4kroll cant hit until bored then stop play. Lol stupid system
it fail on auto every view bets wtf
if you like to lose money play this sites house games
Broke as Fu*k. Gives error, keeps betting with no spinning. Bet once get a spin get result then another result with no spin and no click of bet button.
I think now the game issue fixed working fine for me
Game error after a few bet
Been broken for a long time already lol.
game freezes after 5 or 6 bet
Pls Fix This game already
From my home to yours Near and far, To all my Family & friends. I wish you health, prosperity,joy and Love in 2023 Happy New Year BCGame family 🎊🥳
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