Chaos Crew Scratch

بازگشت به بازیکن


بازطراحی ریل

3 x 3

گردونه شانس


راه های پیروزی


حداکثر برد


نرخ ضربه




محدوده سهام

$0.1 to $0.1

در مورد این بازی

Chaos Crew Scratch (Hacksaw): Game Review & Theme

The Chaos Crew Scratch is an online scratch card game with a gangster theme created by Hacksaw Gaming. This game uses a classic 3x3 layout. The game has an urban and gritty feel. While you may not anticipate any music, you can anticipate pleasant sound effects. Visually, the game design is impressive, featuring graffiti and unique background images that contribute to the overall atmosphere. Hacksaw Gaming is renowned for producing imaginative and engaging online gaming experiences, and the Chaos Crew Scratch is no exception. For anyone seeking an enjoyable and exciting online scratch card gaming experience, this game is an excellent choice.

About Chaos Crew Scratch (Hacksaw) At BC.GAME

At BC.GAME, the Chaos Crew Scratch game created by Hacksaw, is an online scratchcard game with an urban theme that applies a classic 3x3 layout. The game features a unique background image with intriguing graffiti and a colorful card displaying the game's logo sandwiched between two monsters and graffiti-covered card positions. Typically, online scratchcards offer a payout rate between 60% and 70%; however, Chaos Crew Scratch's RTP is 60.12%, making it an average RTP game. Although it has no bonus feature, the game is quite fair and offers a maximum payout of 100,000x your bet.

Paytable and Bet Size

To participate in the Chaos Crew Scratch game, you must first purchase a ticket for a fixed price of $0.10, which cannot be altered in this scratchcard game. It is not possible to play with multiple tickets at once, as each game requires the purchase of a single ticket. After purchasing the ticket, you can scratch the card using a scratcher to reveal the positions, or you can select the option to scratch all positions automatically.

The Chaos Crew Scratch game employs 16 different symbols, each representing a specific value. Based on a theoretical series of 10 million cards, a certain number of prizes can be expected. Among the prizes, the highest four, worth 100,000x, 75,000x, 50,000x, and 25,000x your bet, are available twice in 10 million tickets. However, the lowest prize worth 1x your bet is available 1.25 million times in 10 million tickets.

The other prizes that can be won are also quite decent. You have the chance to win 10,000x, 5,000x, 2,500x, 1,000x, 500x, 250x, 100x, 50x, 10x, 5x, or 2x your total bet. To win a prize, players must match three symbols anywhere in the nine positions on the card, with the prize amount corresponding to the value of one of the matching symbols.

Feature of Chaos Crew Scratch (Hacksaw)

The feature in this game is no feature! Are you hoping to find out any bonus features in the Chaos Crew Scratch game? Regrettably, this game does not offer any bonus games or special features. However, this is not uncommon for scratchcard games, as most players prefer straightforward gameplay without the need for mini-games or waiting for specific symbols to appear to receive rewards. To win a prize in this game, players must match three symbols on the card, and there are no Chaos Crew free spins or comparable features available.

Chaos Crew Scratch (Hacksaw): Summary

Chaos Crew Scratch is a game developed by Hacksaw Gaming and available on the BC.GAME platform. The game requires players to scratch off nine panels to uncover hidden symbols, with the aim of matching three identical symbols in a row, column, or diagonal. Each symbol has a corresponding payout value, which determines the player's winnings. The game is visually attractive and provides an enjoyable scratch game experience, with the potential for substantial payouts through its symbol-matching mechanism.

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