Fruit Duel
منتشر کردن8/4/2022
اطلاعات بیشتر
اطلاعات بازی
مهیا کننده
تلفن همراه
طراحی قرقره-طراحی پشت سر هم
محدوده سهام
$0.1 to $100
حداکثر برد
راه های پیروزی
چرخش رایگان
بازگشت به بازیکن
نرخ ضربه
برچسب ویژگی ها
در مورد این بازی

Fruit Duel at BC.GAME is a 3x3-sized game that has a narrower selection of features and a lower maximum victory than we are used to seeing.

There are on a gaming panel that consists of three reels and three rows, and they do so by peering out from behind dense, verdant vegetation. The ambient soundscape conveys a feeling of lazing about on a beach somewhere in the Caribbean, which is accompanied by blurry red barns in the backdrop. There is not a whole lot going on at the moment. The game Fruit Duel conjures up a juicy image of life in the country on a warm, sunny summer day.

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