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BC Originals
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BC Provably fairs
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The thrill in HiLo at BC.GAME happens when players pit their wits and intuition against the game’s odds. Put simply, choosing safely can maximize your chances of success while going for riskier or more aggressive guesses can bring in greater and bigger prizes.

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I think this game is very fun and honest, wish everyone have big win
Always loss, we should avoid to play these looting games, they're looting money, there is no win
best game
Make the game like it used to be.
Somewhere somthing lol
Very nice game
i’m think bc game need money 😄😄😄
Everytime there is a pair it comes up opposite of the card I play next? Talk about ripping me off..
How come the lag comes but it only effects the cards and not rhe rest of the page? And you always lose after the lag? Seems provably fair.....
Only and only in very, very small amounts of 0.0001 and as little as possible, you will reach with coefficients above 2 so...
As long as you take your time and only bet small this game is fine. People will always say scam when they bet big and lose all their money.
I do not recommend this car, it will not win you, it will only increase your greed with a few minor wins, and when you are sure of it, give any answer, you are a loser, do not trust any title, BC is nothing more than a fraud and a thief.
this shit is not same like in v2
Bịp vãi đái.
how do i do to get my bet link? it's gone and I can't find it again and only Bet ID.
I almost had a positive comment. Then I got fuckd
Similarly, in our quest for victory, we must focus on our end goal, and work tirelessly to achieve it. This requires us to embrace the challenge and embrace change, constantly adapting our strategies and tactics to overcome any obstacles that arise. We must also be willing to take risks, experimenting with new approaches and pushing the boundaries of what we think is possible.
12000 In playthrough and still get bcd for a bonus on the wheel.... so much for based on playthrough....
Nice good luck all
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my best games hilo