Hop 'n Pop

بازگشت به بازیکن


بازطراحی ریل

7 x 7

گردونه شانس


راه های پیروزی

Cluster Pays

حداکثر برد


نرخ ضربه




محدوده سهام

$0.2 to $100

در مورد این بازی

About Hop ‘n Pop (Hacksaw) at BC.GAME

As our parents would say, don’t forget your fruits and vegetables! Hop ‘n Pop at BC.GAME is all about a balanced consumption of healthy food items and a good bit of sunshine. The overall reel design is charming and wholesome, filled with delicious-looking fruits, and vegetables. The background of the slot is just as wholesome with a white picket fence and luscious rolling hills in the distance.

Introduction to Hop ‘n Pop (Hacksaw)

It’s more than just the healthy and positive visuals Hop ‘n Pop offers its players, the soundtrack is laidback when the game first kicks off and slowly starts to become more upbeat as more wins are strung together and a faster-paced reggae-themed soundtrack begins to take over. The Hacksaw Gaming team is clearly on a path to lead its players to healthier eating habits as this is another one of its bright-fruit-themed slot titles.

Bright Symbols that offer incredible payouts are the main attraction to this video slot—the low-pay symbols of Hop ‘n Pop at BC.GAME are carrots, grapes, eggplants, and blueberries which all provide a maximum payout of 20x your initial bet for 15 or more of a kind. The high-pay symbols within this video slot can include cherries, bananas, and apples offering payouts of 60x your initial stake for 15 or more of a kind while the strawberries provide payouts of 80x the bet.

Cluster Pays allow players to draw in even bigger wins. In order to form a winning combination players will need to land a minimum of 5 of the same symbols within a cluster, either horizontally or vertically, not diagonally. It’s important to note that the cluster pays feature may draw more frequent winning combinations, Hop ‘n Pop at BC.GAME is a high-volatility slot, therefore there can be a few moments of lengthy dry runs with no winning combinations.

Cascading Reels are another one of the main attractions to Hop ‘n Pop. As is the case with any video slot offering the cascading reels feature, players can string together a great number of wins if they happen to be lucky enough. Each winning combination will pop and the triggering symbols will then fall away and make place for new symbols on the reels. The cascading reels feature therefore offers an immense number of winning ways, and along with the cluster pays feature players are bound to stumble upon a lucrative streak within their gameplay.

Growing Multipliers that either double or split in half will constantly fill the reels of Hop ‘n Pop at BC.GAME. The game starts with a lonely 2x multiplier, after each spin, the multiplier will jump to a random position on the reels. Once a winning combination is formed adjacent to the growing multiplier it will either double or split in two. Multipliers that are adjacent to winning combinations will then be applied to the total value of the win. Players can have up to 4 active growing multipliers at any given time, and each multiplier can reach a total of 64x.

Free Spins are the most fruitful feature within Hop ‘n Pop by Hacksaw Gaming. In order to activate the free spins round players will need to land between 3 and 5 sunshine scatter symbols across the reels which will award ten free spins. Each free spins round will begin with 2x, 2x, and 4x multipliers respectively. Additionally, within the free spins round, the wild orange symbol will substitute for any regular symbols the same way it would in the base game, however within the free spins rounds the symbol will stick to its position on the reels for each spin. Players can also buy into the bonus round for a cost of 100x, 200x, or 400x the bet for 3, 4, or 5 scatters.

Strategy For Hop ‘n Pop (Hacksaw)

Within a short stint of gameplay of the video slot, players will soon realize that the most lucrative wins are provided within the free spins round. While there is an option to buy into these bonus rounds, the price for the feature buy-in is relatively high. Especially considering that the game offers a cluster pays and cascading reels feature, players will be able to find themselves reaching the bonus round more frequently. Within the free spins round, wild symbols will stick to their position and this can create even more frequent wins than the already rewarding base game.

Hop ‘n Pop (Hacksaw): Summary

Though Hop ‘n Pop can provide a string of several wins in a single spin due to the cascading reels and cluster pay feature, the game's mathematical mode is particularly lethal and is one of the harder nuts to crack within Hacksaw Gaming’s library. There’s a bet range between $0.2 and $100, and we’d recommend players steer clear from buying into the bonus rounds and rather stick to lower bet sizes while patiently waiting for enough scatter symbols to activate the free spins round.

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