Sugar Rush
منتشر کردن6/15/2022
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Pragmatic Play
تلفن همراه
طراحی قرقره-طراحی پشت سر هم
7 x 7
محدوده سهام
$0.2 to $100
حداکثر برد
راه های پیروزی
Cluster Pays
Video Slots
چرخش رایگان
بازگشت به بازیکن
نرخ ضربه
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Our sweetest release of the year is here! Packed with jelly babies and gummy bears, it takes place on a 7×7 grid. To win, you must land at least five or more of them in a cluster and connect them horizontally or vertically. During gameplay, you can also trigger the tumble feature, our Multiplier spots feature, and the Free Spins bonus.

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this game is brutal. Paid $360 bonus, got 20 spins in it, won $13...
Gamr scam buy 7x no win lose0.3 bnb
Suger rush acem puck
This game sucks literal arse
199.287433 211.54× +41959.8930 Gg
thia slot is nut
the problem is that we think if we buy a bonus that means we will win 100%, its a bonus ...even you can play normally and enjoy the game
Which slots are the best with the highest chance of high payouts?
i put in 200, went to 220, dropped to 100, then hit 1300$ :) noRMALLY this slot is trash for me but today she is my new soulmate
I love this game 💕
Love you sugar
won over 600x 3 times in one sitting, love the game
It's slot guyssss, you can win huge amount or loss it.i wish you luck 🤞🏻