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$0.25 to $34560

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Wild Wild Riches (Pragmatic Play): GAME Review & Theme

Dive deep into the heart of the Emerald Isle with Pragmatic Play's latest masterpiece, Wild Wild Riches. This Irish-themed slot is not just another game; it's an experience. Every spin transports you to a world where ancient Celtic legends come alive, and the melodic tunes of traditional Irish music serenade your every move. The game boasts a sleek, modern design, complemented by various innovative features that promise thrill and reward.

As you embark on this enchanting journey, you'll be greeted by a mesmerizing reel grid set against the backdrop of picturesque countryside. And what's an Irish adventure without a magical rainbow? In Wild Wild Riches, a radiant rainbow arches across the sky, casting a spell that draws you deeper into the game's allure. But that's not all - hidden treasures, legendary pots of gold, and the promise of untold riches await your discovery. So, are you ready to chase the end of the rainbow and uncover the secrets of Wild Wild Riches? Join us on this captivating quest, and let the magic of Ireland unveil its bounties to you!

About Wild Wild Riches at BC.GAME

Wild Wild Riches at BC.GAME beckons players into the heart of the Emerald Isle, where the promise of Celtic treasures and enchanting folklore awaits. As you embark on this mesmerizing journey, you'll be greeted by the iconic symbols of Ireland - from horseshoes and harps to mugs of frothy beer. But, it's not just about the visuals; the game's soundscape, a delightful blend of traditional Irish tunes, sets the perfect mood for a thrilling gaming experience.

When you play Wild Wild Riches on your preferred device, be it mobile, tablet, or desktop, you're in for a treat. The game boasts an array of features, ensuring that every spin could lead to significant wins. Symbols to watch out for include the shimmering woven pattern wilds, instrumental in unlocking the game's special features, and the classic card suits that have been given a Celtic twist.

The game's unique reel setup, a 3-3-4-4-4 configuration, offers a refreshing change, providing players with 576 ways to win. And while the absence of leprechauns might surprise some, the game more than makes up for it with its rich array of other familiar Irish elements.

The highlight of Wild Wild Riches is undoubtedly its features. From the Ante Bet option, which increases the stake for a higher chance of triggering features, to the high volatility setting, there's never a dull moment.

Pay Table and Bet Size

Wild Wild Riches at BC.GAME is a slot that promises not just entertainment but also a plethora of ways to win. With betting options ranging from a modest $0.25 to a daring $150, this game caters to cautious players and high rollers. Boasting a commendable return-to-player percentage of 96%, Wild Wild Riches stands out in the slot world.

The game simplifies winning for players, eliminating traditional paylines. Instead, securing three or more matching symbols in any row from the first reel guarantees a win, offering a staggering 576 ways to strike gold. Symbols blend the classic and the thematic: from the card suits of spades, hearts, clubs, and diamonds to the more culturally resonant symbols like mushrooms, pipes, horseshoes, harps, and frothy beer mugs. The Celtic-themed premiums are especially rewarding, with five yielding payouts ranging from 0.8 to 8 times the stake.

Features of Wild Wild Riches (Pragmatic Play)

Wild Wild Riches is a slot game that promises not just entertainment but a plethora of ways to win. With vibrant graphics and captivating features, this game by Pragmatic Play is a must-play for both seasoned gamers and newcomers. Let's delve into its main features:

Wild Symbols

The game's title, Wild Wild Riches, hints at the importance of wild symbols. These symbols play a pivotal role in unlocking the game's treasures. To claim the pots of gold that appear on the reels, displaying cash values ranging from 1 to 25 times the stake, players need wilds on both reel 1 and reel 2. When combined with special symbols on reels 3, 4, or 5, these wilds can lead to significant rewards.

Jackpot Bonus

The jackpot symbols found on reel five are related to the values displayed beside the slot. Players have the chance to win three different jackpots: Mini (50x the stake), Major (100x the stake), and Mega (500x the stake). Players need two wilds plus pots on reels 3 and 4 to activate these jackpots.


Multipliers can significantly boost your winnings. In Wild Wild Riches, players can encounter multiplier symbols of x2, x3, or x5 on reel five. These multipliers, when combined with wilds and pots of gold, can lead to substantial rewards.

The game offers free spins, enhancing the chances of triggering the Money Collect Bonus. Players can earn 10 free spins, with the possibility of retriggering them an unlimited number of times. The Ante Bet option is available for those looking to increase their chances of features occurring. By raising the base bet by 20%, more wilds are added to the first two reels, doubling the likelihood of features triggering.


Dive into the enchanting world of Wild Wild Riches at BC.GAME, where the allure of Ireland comes alive in vivid detail. This isn't merely a slot game; it's a journey through the Celtic realm's emerald landscapes and rich traditions. With its stunning visuals and enthralling features, Wild Wild Riches promises an immersive experience for veteran players and those new to the game. Ready for an unforgettable Irish escapade filled with secrets and treasures? Let Wild Wild Riches transport you to the heart of the action at BC.GAME.

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