Cave Of Plunder
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Anyone who is fond of diamonds and digging will love the new and thrilling mining game adventure offered by Cave at BC.Game. This slot game is developed only by BC.GAME and is available for play on their website. You will go deep into an open mine as you enter the gameplay. What makes it more thrilling is that the mining area can be flooded easily by rainwater.

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Cave game terbabik
Hi my Game cave plunder is not working from 1 hour
you gotta hit nothing 5 - 10 times to hit 1 or 2 consacutive green then ofcourse you will have like 80% possibility to end up with the cuty skull and again back to the same pattern as your start. this cycle will be there untill all the balance burnt . 🤣
Anyone ever made it to the top? How many spins it take you? I'm always too scared to try
Change your bet often do nit use whole number try small at first 0.03242 and change your seed as welli have decent luck i think
This game is garbage now, take your money and throw it directly in the garbage!!! It takes 10 spins just to get into play followed abruptly with a skull!! Stear clear!!
Just forget about going up the ladder and hitting that to actionspin. Actually... just forget about hitting the top of anything here lol
You have to do bigger bets when small bets don’t win
why 5 skulls back to back lol
Brains R Fun
Love cave ❤️👸🏼
Way to many dead spin,s,14 spins in a row no skulls or plunder, thats not right, wont be playing this one anymore until they adjust it to make it more playable
Bieži dod laimestu!
Good game
I have won a ton off this one and lost even more but it definitely will treat you well
Seems cave has been actually playable again its not upt to par with its former...but not near as bad as it has been.
This game isn't half the game it ysed to be. Was way better when the thing wasn't tightened to favor the house so much. Explains a lot of these old accounts leaving in my opinion