Chaos Crew



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5 x 5

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$0.2 to $100

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About Chaos Crew (Hacksaw) at BC.GAME

The only coherent aspect of Chaos Crew by Hacksaw Gaming is the consistent randomness throughout the slot. While the game's backdrop consists of an abandoned alleyway with graffiti walls, you'd expect to hear a hip-hop soundtrack. However, once again, this video slot has stayed true to its unpredictable nature, handing players a techno beat that starts off slow and quiets while quickly ramping up its pace to match the intense visuals within the reels.

Introduction to Chaos Crew (Hacksaw) at BC.GAME

Chaos Crew at BC.GAME is an exciting slot, to say the least. The striking visuals take place on a 5 reel by 5-row video slot, and it comes with a standard RTP of 96.3%. As is the case with both the aesthetic of the slot, on paper, the 5 by 5 layout with 15 paylines seems a little off however the slot comes together in an oddball manner that seems to portray its misfit design and certainly peaks one's intrigue.
Graffiti Symbols are captivating within this video slot, so much so that it's difficult to keep your eyes off the reels. The low pay symbols of Chaos Crew at BC.GAME all award 1x payouts for 5 symbols of a kind and can include lighting, crosses, smiley faces, skulls, and eight balls. The high-pay symbols are just as unique and dramatic as the last, with 5x payouts for of kind. This includes moths, brains, and apple cores, while the tentacle symbols award 12x payouts for 5-of-a-kind.
Mystery Multipliers are provided by the Cranky Cat Symbol. Cranky the Cat also acts as a wild symbol and will therefore replace all regular pay symbols to complete winning combinations. Once the Cranky Cat symbol lands, there will be random multipliers between x2, x3, or x5. If more than one Cranky Cat symbol land on a winning line, the multipliers offered by this symbol will multiply with each other.
Free Spins are the main attraction to Chaos Crew at BC.GAME. Each time a free spin symbol lands, it will be accompanied by the sound of a scratching record. To activate the free spins, round players must land at least 3 free spins scatter symbols. The free spins round will continue until there are 3 consecutive spins with no winning combinations. Above each reel within the free spins round, there is a special number. These numbers represent multipliers that will then be added together once the bonus round concludes and will multiply the original bet amount. This is different from other slots as players don't land any winning lines within the free spins round they rather land multipliers.
Cranky Cat Symbols add riveting gameplay to the bonus rounds of Chaos Crew. Within the free spins round, the Cranky Cat symbol will multiply one of the numbers above the reels by random multipliers between x2, x3, x5, x10, or x20. The value above the reels within the free spins round begins at 1. The Cranky Cat symbol also has an epic variant, this symbol will multiply the number above the reels by x2, x3, x5, x10, or x20 however, the multiplier will apply to all numbers above the reels and not only one.
Sketchy Skull Symbols aren't as rewarding as the Cranky Cat symbol however, when they land together, the free spins round will begin to kick off. The Sketchy Skull symbol will add random values between +1, +2, +5, +10, or +20 to one of the numbers above the reels within the free spins round. There is also an epic variant of the Sketchy Skull symbol that will add values between +1, +2, +5, +10, or +20 to the numbers above the reels, however, just like the Epic Cranky Cat symbol, the Epic Sketchy Skull symbol will add values to all the number above the reels and not a single number.

Feature Buy-in is certainly uncharacteristic of Hacksaw Gaming, however, within Chaos Crew at BC.GAME the feature is welcomed with open arms. The feature buy-in costs 129x the base bet and will guarantee 3 scatter symbols land within the next spin. The free spins round also has a slightly reduced RTP percentage of 95.92%.

Strategy For Chaos Crew (Hacksaw)

The free spins round within Chaos crew at BC.GAME is by far the most rewarding, and unlike other slot titles, players cannot form winning combinations within this round as no regular pay symbols apply. Instead, the Cranky Cat and Sketchy Skull symbols will increase the value of the number above the reels. At the end of the bonus round, the 5 separate numbers will be added together, and the total value will then multiply the original bet amount. For this reason, we'd recommend players utilize high bet ranges and even opt to use the feature buy-in as the base game can award many dead wins due to the low payouts of the symbols.

Chaos Crew (Hacksaw): Summary

This authentic slot doesn't simply boast unique visuals and a soundtrack to match; however, the gameplay mechanics within this video slot are equally as misfitted as the design. While the slot seems a little chaotic, the chaos is upheld throughout each feature and aesthetics, making Chaos Crew more coherent and digestible. The slot comes with bet ranges of $0,2 to $100, and once the free spins round begins, the game starts to live up to its chaotic roots.

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