Double Rainbow



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6 x 7

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$0.1 to $100

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About Double Rainbow (Hacksaw) at BC.GAME

Double Rainbow at BC.GAME loads onto the screen like an explosion of glitter, gently nestled between pastel-hued clouds. This video slot is part of Hacksaw Gaming’s Pocketz series, which means the game is not only highly optimized for mobile play, but the game's mechanics are also easily understood and therefore enjoyed by a broader range of players.

Introduction to Double Rainbow (Hacksaw)

Hacksaw Gaming has created an undeniably adorable slot title or cuteness overload. Either way, the gameplay of this cheerful slot occurs on a 7-reel by the 6-row grid and comes with an RTP of 96.41%; however, this can be as low as  88.38%, depending on your jurisdiction. Double Rainbow at not to become overbearing.

Candy Symbols

Sweeten the reels, and all offer some incredible payouts. An exciting feature within Double Rainbow at BC.GAME is that all symbols award the very same payouts, the payouts for each of the symbols range from 0,1x to 50x for 5 symbols of a kind to 15 or more symbols of a kind. The symbols that feel the reels of Double Rainbow are delectably styled candies of different colors, which include red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink, and purple.

Cascading Reels & Cluster Pays

Bring players to more frequent and consecutive winning combinations. The Cluster Pays feature will allow players to form winning combinations when a minimum of 5 symbols of the same kind land horizontally or vertically in adjacent positions. Additionally, cascading reels will cause the symbols that have triggered a winning combination to fall away and make place for more symbols to land within the same spin.

Multiplier Clouds

They are nested within the free spins and are undoubtedly the main attraction to Double Rainbow at BC.GAME. During the free spins round, when a cloud symbol lands, it will add a random reel multiplier any wins that occur within the reel will then be multiplied. The cloud symbol can offer multipliers, including x2, x3, x4, x5, x10, x15, x25, x50, x100, or x250, and the symbol will also add one extra free spin each time it lands on a reel. It’s important to note that the winning cluster must be the same color as the reel multiplier for the win to be multiplied.

Double Rainbow Clouds

They are just as majestic as they sound and bring lucrative payouts within this slot title. The double rainbow symbol will act exactly the same as a multiplier cloud symbol, however, instead of offering only one free spin, this symbol provides players with three extra spins. The double rainbow symbol will also offer x2, x3, x4, x5, x10, x15, x25, x50, x100, or x250 multipliers. For winning combinations to be multiplied by the reel multiplier, the triggering symbols will need to be the same color as the multiplier.

The Rainbow Feature

Double Rainbow is the most rewarding of all the features. To activate the rainbow feature, players must activate all the reels within this slot by landing cloud symbols in each of the separate reels. Once the rainbow feature activates, the reel multipliers will be multiplied by random values between x2, x3, x4, x5, or x10, and an additional 5 free spins will also be activated.

Feature Buy-in

It will allow players to skip all the hard work and launch themselves into the free spins round. There are two feature buy-in options. The first comes at the cost of 10x the initial bet and will award players with 1 extra free spin and provide three reel multipliers which start at 4x. The second option comes at a price of 50x the original stake with 4 extra free spins and three reel multipliers which start at 4x.
Double Rainbow (Hacksaw): Summary

Double Rainbow at BC.GAME is one of the more babyish slots within Hacksaw Gaming’s portfolio. As adorable as this slot title may be, its gameplay mechanics must be taken seriously. Once the cloud symbols begin landing and players gather enough clouds to activate the rainbow feature, it will become apparent why this video slot has become so popular. Hacksaw Gaming’s Pocketz series also means that all players on any mobile device can enjoy this video slot.  

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