Dragon's Luck Deluxe



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5 x 4

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$0.1 to $50

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Dragon's Luck Deluxe (Red Tiger)At BC.GAME: Game Review & Theme

China holds one of the world's wonders, inspiring the game Dragon's Luck Deluxe at BC.GAME brings to life the power of ancient Chinese culture. From the gold-trimmed reel finishes to the reward-rich features, this game makes all players feel like a kingpin of an empire.

Red Tiger released the slot on November 13, 2020, and was a success from the get-go. Dragon's Luck Deluxe is mobile-optimized, allowing playing to get in on the action.

The game has attracted thousands of players over the years thanks to its attractive RTP of 96%. Find more reasons why you should play Dragon's Luck Deluxe at BC.GAME, stay until the end of this slot review.

Introduction To Dragon's Luck Deluxe (Red Tiger)

Red Tiger has done what it does best with Dragon's Luck Deluxe, encompassing all that an Asian-inspired slot should offer. The attention to detail in every aspect of the experience sets this game apart. The adventure begins when players click the slot, and the graphics take center stage. To fit in with the theme, every element compliments the Asian authenticity. The reels are laid out on a 5x4 grid with 20 fixed pay lines displayed on rolled-out scrolls.


Before you spin the reels, you must place your wagers; each spin holds a minimum bet requirement of $0.10 and $50 as the maximum. With that in mind, you can win up to 3888x your stake in one spin!

Spin settings
As for the spin settings, players choose classic or auto spin. Auto spin allows gamblers to put their experience into autopilot, where the reels will keep rolling for an allocated amount of spins. When selecting auto spin, players must set the number of spins and the loss limit.


The symbol values span lower-paying, higher-paying, and special symbols, all playing a vital role in landing winning combinations. You must land at least three matching symbols in the same spin to get a payout. The more simultaneous matching symbols, the more the payout. The lower-paying tokens are depicted as watercolor-painted card symbols ranging from Ace to 10. For landing three of these symbols, you'll get a 0.1x payout. 0.2x for landing four and 1x for 5.

The following selection is the higher paying, which increases your earnings and up the entertainment. The symbols follow the theme perfectly, representing a lotus flower, koi carp, and a rabbit doll. Landing multiple lotus flower symbols will give you 0.4x, 1x, or 2.5x. Koi carp - 0.5x, 1.5x, 3x. Lastly, three rabbit doll symbols will bring you a payout of 0.5x, 2x for four, and 4x for five.

Special symbols

Last but not least, the special symbols include the 138 token, free spins, and the mega dragons. Something to keep note of is that the mega dragon symbol is 3x3, which ensures some guaranteed wins and big payouts. Another way to help ensure returns is by triggering the free spins. For every free spin symbol landed on the reels, the player will be awarded one free spin. Only 138 symbols will bring a direct payout among special symbols: 2x, 3x, or 13.8x.

Dragon Symbols

When landing, all Dragon Symbols flip and reveal the same symbol underneath them. By doing so, they improve your chance of forming winning combinations. Of course, we must remember the Mega Dragon Symbols - 3x3 special symbols. These symbols are rare, but they guarantee the winning combination when they land since they reveal matching symbols behind them.

Dragon's Help

Dragon's Help is another game feature. It's also rare but can be very helpful. You will get the feature's activation because the dragons will start to pout fire from both sides of the reels. Dragon's Help upgrades the Dragon Coins, and they will reveal only high-paying symbols, which will result in getting higher-paying combinations.

Free Spins

The most common feature among all slot games can also be found in the Dragon's Luck Deluxe. Free spins are activated when five or more free spins symbols are seen on the board. What makes activating them hard is that free spins symbols are not landing; they can appear only when Dragon Symbols reveal them. The number of free spins equals the number of the free spins symbols revealed. It is essential to notice that no new symbols or new features are activated in the free spins mode. The gaming process will stay precisely the same; the only difference is that you won't pay for these spins.

Strategy for the Dragon's Luck Deluxe (Red Tiger)

Considering that this is a high-volatility game, we advise you to make bets that way to make at least 150 to 200 spins. Because of the volatility, it's hard to form a winning combination. However, all of the winning combinations will have a great payout. To simply endure until you finally get that win, we advise you to keep your bets on the lower side. Also, free spins will only help you a little, as they don't bring any bonus modes. So it's better to look out for the Dragon Symbols: they will seriously improve your chances of winning.

Dragon's Luck Deluxe (Red Tiger): Summary

This isn't the first game in the series; Red Tiger has also published the Dragon's Luck and the Dragon's luck Megaways. So if you enjoyed any of these games, you would love the Dragon's Luck Deluxe. It features the same theme, graphics, and music; everything you've enjoyed in other games is kept in this one. However, if you're still familiar with the series, you should try this game. Even if many games explore the oriental theme in casinos, the Dragon's Luck Deluxe still brings its unique charm. So form your betting strategy and tame your own Dragon to get your prize!

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