Demon Pots

RTP (Return to Player)


Reel Resign

5 x 3

Lucky Spin


Win Ways


Max Win


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Stakes Range

$0.4 to $240

About this game

Demon Pots (Pragmatic Play): GAME Review & Theme

Enter a world where the mysterious and enchanting converge in Demon Pots, an exciting online casino game by renowned game provider Pragmatic Play. Prepare to be spellbound as you explore the dark realm of the supernatural, where diabolical creatures and otherworldly treasures await every round. With a hauntingly beautiful design, captivating gameplay elements, and exciting features, Demon Pots promises an unforgettable gaming experience.

In Demon Pots, players are thrust into a realm filled with mystical energy. The game plays out on a standard 5x3 grid featuring 40 paylines. The reels are adorned with symbols that capture the essence of the supernatural, including mysterious potions, enchanted spellbooks, and the elusive Demon himself.

Demon Pots is not for the faint of heart. With a host of spine-chilling features, players will embark on a wild journey. The Demon Wild symbol guides this spooky adventure, substituting for all other symbols to create winning combinations. During this Free Spins feature, a multiplier can increase your winnings, and the Demon Pot Collector feature can be triggered, accumulating cash prizes with each spin.

Pragmatic Play has outdone itself with the design of Demon Pots. The graphics are rich and immersive, portraying a world full of mystery and intrigue. The background is a hauntingly beautiful cemetery shrouded in an eerie mist, setting the perfect tone for the game's supernatural theme. Each symbol is meticulously crafted to immerse players in the dark narrative, making Demon Pots a visual masterpiece.

About Demon Pots (Pragmatic Play) at BC.GAME

Pragmatic Play's Demon Pots offer players an attractive Return to Player (RTP) percentage of 96.01%, a key indicator of the game's potential rewards. Players can expect a fair and balanced gaming experience with an RTP that meets industry standards. While individual results may vary, the RTP provides insight into the game's overall payout potential, making it a crucial consideration for those seeking supernatural riches.

Demon Pots' gameplay design is a testament to Pragmatic Play's commitment to immersive entertainment. With a 5x3 grid layout and 40 fixed paylines, it provides players ample opportunities to discover the mysteries of the supernatural world. The game's captivating design, supernatural theme, and mysterious aesthetic ensure that each round is an exciting journey into the unknown.

Demon Pots isn't just about the thrill of the unknown; it also promises the opportunity to secure a substantial maximum payout. While individual outcomes are determined by luck, the potential for big wins adds to the excitement. The game's maximum payout of 6,000x stakes is a tempting incentive for those daring enough to explore its otherworldly depths.

In terms of volatility, Demon Pots offer larger and less frequent payouts. This high volatility ensures that the game offers a complete experience.

Pay Table and Bet Sizes

In Demon Pots, players can customize their bets to suit their preferred playing style. The game offers two bet multiplier options, each influencing the gaming experience. Understanding these betting options is essential to making the most of your gaming adventure:

60x bet multiplier: For those looking for a high level of excitement, the 60x bet multiplier is the right choice. This option increases the chances of activating game features such as coins, super coins, Win Spins, and Win Free Spins pots. With a higher bet multiplier, supernatural treasures, and exciting features are more likely to grace your screen. Remember that the Buy Free Spins feature is disabled at this bet level, ensuring each spin plays out like a suspenseful surprise.

40x bet multiplier: If you prefer a more traditional gaming experience, the 40x bet multiplier offers a balanced approach. This option offers a standard game mode, allowing you to spin the reels without additional improvements. It's perfect for players who like the basic mechanics of Demon Pots without the added complexity of the 60x multiplier. Whether you are an experienced player or new to online casino games, this betting level guarantees a satisfying and engaging experience.

Selecting the right bet multiplier is your gateway to an unforgettable journey through the mystical world of Demon Pots. If you are looking for frequent in-game features or a simple gaming experience, adapt your bet, choosing between the minimum amount of $0.40 and the maximum amount of $240 to match your desired adventure and watch the supernatural unfold before your eyes.

Demon Pots offers a tempting paytable filled with mystical symbols and attractive rewards. To fully understand the potential payouts and what the supernatural realm has in store for you, let's start with the highest paying symbol, the Golden Crown, which pays 5x the bet amount for a combination of 5 of them on one of the paylines.

Next, we have the Bag of Golden Coins, the Pile of Money, the Golden Trident, and the Golden Horseshoe that pay, respectively, 2x, 1x, 0.9x, and 0.8x the bet value for a combination of 5 of them on one of the pay lines. Finally, we have the carat symbols, from Ace to 10, each paying 0.5x the bet for a combination of 5 on one of the pay lines.

The Wild symbol, represented by the Devil, substitutes for all other symbols except the Money symbol. When it appears in the center position of the grid in the base game, it sets the stage for enchanting victories.

Demon Pots has several pot features, including Coins Pot, Super Coins Pot, Win Spins Pot, and Free Spins Pot. Activating these pots can yield many rewards, including free spins, respins, and improved coin values.

Win Spins Feature: Powered by the Win Spins Pot, this feature awards 6 respins, with guaranteed random wins from winning combinations, collections, or Coin and Super Coin features. It can be reactivated for additional respins.

Activated by the free spins pot, the free spins feature awards 6 free spins. Sticky Wild symbols in the center position of the grid increase your chances of supernatural riches. Pots can still be activated randomly during this feature.

Features of Demon Pots (Pragmatic Play)

Demon Pots, a fascinating creation by Pragmatic Play, reveals a fascinating range of features that set the game apart. This supernatural adventure boasts a multitude of captivating elements, including sticky symbols that multiply your wins, mysterious money symbols that hold the key to untold riches, an exciting buy-in option that lets you fast-track your way to supernatural riches, and Chilling respins that guarantee random wins and can be retriggered for even more excitement. The game's enchanting features, such as Coins, Super Coins, Win Spins, and Free Spins, promise an otherworldly experience, each with unique surprises.

Sticky Symbols

One of the standout features in Demon Pots by Pragmatic Play is the introduction of sticky symbols, adding a captivating twist to the gameplay. When fully stacked Wild symbols appear on reel 5, they become enchantingly sticky, remaining in place until the end of the current round. This bewitching mechanic boosts your chances of forming winning combinations and multiplies all coin value collections by 3x. For an even more supernatural twist, if fully stacked Wild symbols grace both reels 4 and 5, they too become sticky, multiplying your coin value collections by an impressive 6x. However, the magic doesn't stop there. Even during the Win Spins feature, when sticky Wilds are cleared initially, coin value collections are still multiplied by 3x or 6x if these mystical symbols were present before the feature began.

Money Symbols

In Demon Pots by Pragmatic Play, the Money Symbols are your gateway to unearthly wealth. These symbols come in Coins and can hold various random values, including 0.2x, 0.4x, 0.6x, 0.8x, 1x, 1.2x, or 2x the total bet. When these Money Symbols appear in conjunction with the elusive Wild symbol, their values are accumulated and bestowed upon you, bringing forth a rush of otherworldly riches. These Money Symbols can also trigger the game's captivating pot features, including the Coins Pot, Super Coins Pot, Win Spins Pot, and Free Spins Pot; each unlocks a unique opportunity to accumulate supernatural wealth and elevate your gaming experience to new heights.

Feature Buy-in

Demon Pots by Pragmatic Play offers players the enticing option of a feature buy-in, providing a shortcut to the heart-pounding supernatural thrills that await. By activating this feature, players can instantly access the game's most coveted elements, including the Coins Pot, Super Coins Pot, Win Spins, and Win Free Spins pots, depending on the selected bet multiplier. This means you can dive straight into the action, bypassing the need to wait for these thrilling features to occur during gameplay naturally. However, it's essential to note that while the feature buy-in offers a swift passage to supernatural riches, it comes at an additional cost, adding an extra layer of excitement and risk to your gaming adventure. For those seeking an immediate dose of the occult and the allure of substantial rewards, the feature buy-in in Demon Pots is your supernatural shortcut to an exhilarating gaming experience.


Demon Pots by Pragmatic Play introduces a spine-tingling respins feature that adds excitement to your gameplay. When triggered, the Win Spins feature awards you with six thrilling respins. You will receive random wins from winning combinations, collections, or features like Coins or Super Coins during these respins. This feature is even more enchanting because it can be retriggered during the round, granting you six more respins to chase those supernatural riches. And if that's not enough to send shivers down your spine, when fully stacked Wild symbols grace the reels, all coin value collections during respins are magnificently multiplied by either 3x or 6x, making each respin an exhilarating opportunity to unlock the full potential of Demon Pots' supernatural treasures.


Demon Pots by Pragmatic Play is a spellbinding online slot game that transports players into a world of dark enchantment. With its innovative features like sticky symbols, Money Symbols, feature buy-in, and respins, players are offered a unique and thrilling gameplay experience. The game's pot features, including Coins, Super Coins, Win Spins, and Free Spins, add excitement and intrigue, promising the potential for supernatural riches. Whether chasing fully stacked Wild symbols, multiplying your coin value collections, or triggering respins for guaranteed wins, Demon Pots offers a captivating and immersive adventure into the occult. The game's stunning design, balanced volatility, and the flexibility to choose your bet multiplier create a well-rounded gaming experience. In Demon Pots, players embark on a journey where every spin is a chance to unveil the secrets of the supernatural, making it a must-try for those seeking excitement and the allure of extraordinary rewards in online slots.

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