Everybody's Jackpot Live

RTP (Return to Player)


Reel Resign

4- 3 x 3

Lucky Spin


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Stakes Range

$0.1 to $10

About this game

About Everybody's Jackpot Live at BC.GAME

Everybody's Jackpot Live is a community game with four 3x3 slots. Three like symbols in a line win the player; multiple win lines with the same symbol boost the payout. Four bonus rounds are available; entry into these games is triggered by three scatters appearing on the reels. A paid Double Up feature doubles all multipliers in the bonus rounds, while a Daily Jackpot pays 50% to one player, and everyone else shares what is remaining. A Grand Progressive Jackpot drops every now and then, with one player winning 50% of it and everyone else sharing what is left over. The minimum RTP is 94.25%, while the maximum RTP is 96.75%. The most significant possible win multiplier is 6750x; this amount can be won when hitting five jackpot symbols (not necessarily on active pay lines) on an active bet line. The minimum bet is 0.10; the maximum bet per spin is 10 per line played on all active pay lines.

Introduction to Everybody's Jackpot Live

Everybody's Jackpot Live is a new game from Playtech. It is based on the original Everybody's Jackpot, which contains a progressive jackpot that increases daily. One lucky player will win 50% of the prize pool while everyone else playing receives a share of what's left. In addition, this live version contains four bonuses, which with a bit of guile and luck, can result in a 6740x multiplier win! You need to land three scatters on the reels to enter the bonus rounds. The more scatters you land, the bigger your entry result will be, thus increasing the number of free spins you receive and boosting multipliers.

How to play Everybody's Jackpot Live

The game uses four 3-column, 3-row grids as a central mechanic. Players may bet on the outcome of all four reels at once. The multiplier is determined by the type of symbol that appears; typically, a win with three matching symbols is multiplied between 2 and 5.

The  Main Game Boost triggers when a player gets more than one "winning line" of the same symbol and multiplies their win by the number of lines won.

Scatters are used to enter bonus rounds; if three or more appear across the four slots, you will enter a mini-game bonus round where you can trigger an extra bonus round or spin for free if you get three or more scatters again within 30 seconds.

You choose how much to pay to participate in the Mini-Game Bonus Round; there are two options: "Pay 50%" will boost all multipliers in the mini-game bonus round but costs 50% more than playing without paying anything (which would be free). In contrast, "Play For Free" has no additional cost but gives you no advantage over not paying anything at all—the only difference is that entry into this round is guaranteed either way instead of random.

When you see the wheel round spinning on your slot machine, you can be sure one of four mini-games will follow.

The mini-games are "Free Games," "Walters Bubble Bar," "Pick Me Plaza," and "The Block." But don't worry—you'll have plenty of chances to play them all! Once you've triggered one of these rounds, the others won't appear during that same game.

Mini Game Bonus Round

Three scatters are required to activate one of the four mini-game bonus rounds on the Everybody's Jackpot Live slot. Scatters increase players' chances of entering a bonus round and are also an essential part of each game because they impact players' chances of increasing their Spins or Multipliers for that particular round. The Free Games round is the only game in which players do not have to make any decisions; all other games require them to make decisions that will impact their results.

Free Games. The Free Spins mini-game is a three-reel, 3-row machine. For each scatters symbol you get, a set number of free spins is added to your total. So, if you get three scatters, you'll get five free spins. During each spin, a wild symbol appears in the middle reel and substitutes for any other symbol on that reel. The multiplier determines how much your wins will be multiplied. If Double Up is active in the mini-game, the multiplier doubles; otherwise, it remains the same as in other mini-games.

Walters Bull Bar. Walters Bull Bar is a slot game with four reels on which the symbols cascade down like bubbles. Walter blows three colored bubbles containing multipliers, which you select to reveal your multiplier for the game. The possible multipliers on the Walters Bubble bar are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10. When you get a whole house of four images of Walter in any column or row on the 4x4 grid, they multiply together to reveal your win! The maximum multiplier is 400 or 800 with the Double Up feature.

Pick Me Plaza. In the Pick Me Plaza bonus game, a 4x4 grid contains images of five types of Slushy Drinks. Each drink type has a multiplier value (3x, 4x, 5x, 7x, and 10x). To play this game, you must select four tiles from the 16-tile grid. The tiles correspond with the ones you picked, revealing their multiplier values and adding them to your total. After being added to the multiplier total, this total is multiplied by the initial multiplier value picked by the number of scatters. Your stake multiplies this figure to give your final payout value.

The Block. The Block is a bonus game based on the TV show, The Block. In the TV show, based on the original Dutch format of Deal or No Deal, contestants choose from one of 26 numbered boxes, each containing a different amount of money. The multiplier column on the board is a visual representation of your score multiplier. The multipliers increase from five to one hundred as you move around the board, with each column having a different multiplier value. Your job is to get as far around the board as possible, collecting multipliers while avoiding endgame icons. The three possible outcomes are: advance to the next column, signified by an arrow; advance and collect—this means you contain the multiplier for that column and advance to the next; collect and endgame—this means you collect the multiplier for that column and the game ends.

You receive a payout when your game ends, which is calculated as the sum of all your multipliers times the value of your scatters symbols times your stake. The most significant potential for this bonus round is achieved when you have a Double Up active, and many scatter symbols on the reels. The maximum multiplier offered by this game is x3,370 or x6740 with the Double Up active.

Everybody's Jackpot

Everybody's Jackpot Live contains two types of jackpots: the Daily and the Grand. The Daily Jackpot is open between 00:01 and 00:00 GMT and will trigger once daily. The Grand Jackpot can be triggered randomly after the Daily Jackpot has reached a certain amount. Playtech initially seeds these jackpots with money; after that, 1% of every bet goes to the Grand Jackpot, and 1.5% goes to the Daily Jackpot. After a spin starts a jackpot, 50% of its value goes to whoever triggered it, while the remaining players split up the rest based on how much they bet relative to each other.

When a Jackpot is triggered, the leading game pauses while players travel to the back of the Meta Village, where a process of choosing the winner takes place. The game separates players into four groups: Hearts, Diamonds, Spades, and Clubs. One group is selected to go forward; the remaining groups are eliminated from contention. This process is repeated until one player is left standing. That one player receives 50% of the Jackpot; everyone else eliminated gets a share of the remaining 50%.

Strategy for Everybody's Jackpot Live

The Double Up bet multiplies each win by 2. This is the best for you if you want a more volatile game and the chance of winning bigger multipliers. Leave it alone if you don't have the bankroll or are happy with the regular payouts. My tip is to play it if you can afford it. You'll thank me when you win double the amount.

The Free Spins bonus round has no player interaction; as such, there is no strategy to play this round. You watch and observe the outcome, hoping for a decent win.

At Walters Bubble Bar, players can choose one of three colored bubbles before starting their game; so which one do you pick, and which one has the best multiplier? If we knew that, we'd be rich! The Multiplier Selection is random RNG controlled. It doesn't matter which bubble you pick. You'll receive the multiplier the game sees fit.

The Pick Me Plaza game is a variation of the classic slot machine. Players choose four tiles from a selection of sixteen, then place their bets. I picked four squares as quickly as possible, hoping to get a matching set of 3x or 4x squares that would allow me to win more than one payout. There are no set strategies for winning this game; players must rely on their instincts and reactions.

The Block is where you need luck on your side; there is no pattern to where the collect and end squares are located, so you must pick the top, middle, or bottom of the Block to avoid losing your credits immediately upon entering them.

There is no strategy to win the Jackpot. The main secret of the Daily Jackpot is that it has to trigger before 9:00 p.m. GMT each day. If it hasn't dropped by 8:00 p.m., you know it will fall in the next hour, so it's a good idea to start playing! If you happen to be playing when the Jackpot drops, you will win something.


Everybody's Jackpot Live Slot is a community-based game that relies on the presenter and the chat function to create a sense of community. All players play the same spins, so they have that in common. The experience after that is individual and depends on whether you've played the Double UP and the decisions you make during the bonus rounds. Everybody's Jackpot Live will be a popular addition to the live slots category, which Playtech currently dominates with Buffalo Blitz Live. I prefer live card games but do play some slots, and this is certainly one I feel I'd enjoy the more I play. The Daily and Grand Jackpots are a nice bonus on top of the main game. Playtech Games, a provider of online gaming products, has utilized a well-known slot with a great history in its latest release.

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