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First Person American Roulette (Evolution Gaming): Game Review & Theme:

As mentioned earlier, Evolution Gaming is known for its live gaming experiences, and the developer is essentially the leader when it comes to live games in the industry. Even though American Roulette is a less popular variation of Roulette since there is a double zero on the wheel, evidently, this is the main difference between European and American Roulette. Though the difference may seem minuscule, the double zero affects the odds of the game.

American Roulette may very well be a less popular version of Roulette, but Evolution Gaming has still taken out all the stops in creating this title, showing that it has upheld the same level of attention to detail as in the more popular European titles.

Gameplay and Tutorial

Whether players are exploring European or American Roulette, the gameplay will almost always be very similar, with the exception of the betting options, RTP, and bonus features. Roulette is a casino game that has supplied players from around the world with thrilling experiences and phenomenal payouts for over a century. The premise of the game is rather simple: there are segments on the roulette wheel, and bets must be placed on where players believe the ball will land. After the betting round, the dealer spins the wheel and throws the ball into the rotating wheel, causing a random outcome each time.

Punters must place their bets on the table, which consists of three columns of twelve boxes each, featuring 38 numbers ranging from 0 to 36, and in this variation, this includes the 00 pockets. Each box is marked with a number from 1 to 36, with an equal number of 18 red and 18 black pockets distributed throughout.

After the betting round has been closed, the mechanism will launch the ball into the spinning roulette wheel, where it will eventually stop on one of the 37 segments. Depending on the bet players initially placed and the outcome, a win or loss will be awarded.

About First Person American Roulette (Evolution Gaming) at BC.GAME

As mentioned earlier, this variation of Roulette will always have a lower RTP than its European counterpart. In First Person American Roulette, the RTP for a Five bet option is 92.11%, and the RTP for all other bets is 94.74%. Additionally, thanks to Evolution’s use of HTML-5 technology, players can enjoy this title across all devices and operating systems without any sense of broken immersion due to stutters or lag. Players can also look forward to earning the maximum possible payout of $700,000 since the Straight Up bet offers 35:1 odds, and with the maximum possible bet, that’s the payout players will earn if they successfully land this bet.

It’s important to note that this title offers many side bets and other types of specials, which are popular among other live dealer roulette games. Allowing this title to truly transcend the ordinary and provide players with a realistic experience throughout. Nonetheless, the video quality of this title is immaculate and solely due to Evolution’s 4K camera technology. This means players can enjoy the highest quality casino game either at home or on the move.

Bet Limits and Payouts

Of course, considering that this is an online Roulette game, Evolution Gaming has kept a clear point of catering to all types of players, and this can be seen through the immensely vast betting range with a minimum bet of $0.2 and a maximum bet of an enormous $20,000. Therefore, any player should easily find a betting amount that fits comfortably with their bankroll.

Features of First Person American Roulette

The rules of First Person American Roulette at BC.GAME are similar to traditional Roulette, except that it is played online. First, players will need to place their bets during the betting round. For players to win the bets they have placed, the roulette ball must land within the slot that has been wagered on. Otherwise, punters will lose the total betting amount that has been placed.

Inside Bets

Inside bets offer some of the highest payouts. These bets are placed on the numbers or lines between numbers in the inner section of the table. The inside bets include:

  • Straight/Single: Offering 35:1 odds, this bet is placed on any single number; simply click the segment on the betting table to place your chips in the center of that number on the table.
  • Split: Here, you will benefit from 17:1 odds and place a bet on two horizontally or vertically adjoining numbers. To place it, put your chips on the line that divides the two numbers.
  • Street: With 11:1 odds, this bet is placed on a row of three numbers that lie on a single horizontal line, such as 1-2-3. Place your chips on the edge of the chosen row, on the line that separates the inside and outside betting areas.
  • Corner: Providing 8:1 odds, this bet focuses on four numbers in a square layout. Put your chips at the intersection of the lines of the four numbers, such as 11-12-14-15.
  • Six line: This bet offers 5:1 odds; the Six line bet is placed on two rows of six numbers, excluding 0. Put your chips at the beginning of the line that divides the two rows.

Outside Bets

When placing outside bets, players will benefit from an increased chance of these options landing, but the payouts will be much lower as compared to inside bets. The outside betting options available in First Person American Roulette can include the following:

  • Column: While offering 2:1 odds, this option allows you to bet on all 12 numbers in a single column. Simply place a chip on one of the three empty squares to the right of the table.
  • Dozen: The Dozen bet also offers 2:1 odds and is placed on 12 numbers in three consecutive rows. Look for the sections marked P, M, and D, and place your chips accordingly.
  • Red or Black: Both the red or black options cover all 18 red or black numbers on the wheel with 1:1 odds. Just place your chips in the boxes holding a red or black diamond.
  • Even or Odd: Both the Even or Odd option options cover all 18 even or odd numbers (except zero) while offering 1:1 odds. To bet on this option, place your chip in the corresponding box.
  • Low or High: The Low or High option covers either the first 18 numbers (low) or the high 18 numbers (19–36), with 1:1 odds. Simply place your chips in the boxes labeled 1–18 or 19–36 to bet on the.

Neighbor Bets

Neighbor bets will allow players to place specific bets more efficiently. The odds and payouts concerning the number of numbers covered within neighbor bets will still apply in the same manner as in outside and inside bets.

  • Tiers du Cylindre: This bet covers a total of 12 numbers, including 27, 33, and the numbers between them on the side of the roulette wheel opposite the zero. Six chips are placed as follows: 1 chip on the 5/8 split, 10/11 split, 13/16 split, 23/24 split, 27/30 split, and 33/36 split.
  • Voisins du Zero: This bet covers a total of 17 numbers, including 22, 25, and the numbers between them on the side of the roulette wheel that contains zero. Nine chips are placed as follows: 2 chips on the 0/2/3 street bets, 1 chip on the 4/7 split, 1 chip on the 12/15 split, 1 chip on the 18/21 split, 1 chip on the 19/22 split, 2 chips on the 25/26/28/29 corner bets, and 1 chip on the 32/35 split.
  • Orphelins a Cheval: This bet covers eight numbers on the two segments of the roulette wheel not covered by the Voisins du Zero and Tiers du Cylindre bets above. Five chips are placed as follows: 1 chip on the (Straight Up bet), 1 chip on the 6/9 split, 1 chip on the 14/17 split, 1 chip on the 17/20 split, and 1 chip on the 31/34 split.
  • Jeu Zero: This bet covers zero and the six numbers close to zero on the roulette wheel: 12, 35, 3, 26, 0, 32, and 15. Four chips are placed as follows: 1 chip on the 0/3 split, 1 chip on the 12/15 split, 1 chip on the 26 (Straight Up bet), and 1 chip on the 32/35 split.

Special Bets

This version of Roulette would be defined as American Roulette, however, since there are still the classic side bets available, which allows players to benefit from a range of extra bets, unlike most American Roulette variants. The extra bets will also offer excellent payouts similar to the Straight Up bet with odds of 35:1.

  • Finales en plein: a bet where you choose a number based on its last digit and place a bet on all numbers that end with that same digit. So, if you choose “Last 5,” you are betting on 5, 15, 25, and 35.
  • Finales en a cheval: you get to choose the last two digits of the numbers you want to bet on. For example, if you choose Finales 3/4, you’ll be betting on 3, 4, 13, 14, 23, 24, 33, and 34. The number of chips you bet depends on the combination of numbers you choose and ranges from 3 to 6 chips.

Special Features

Apart from the fact that players are given the ultimate immersive gaming experience through the camera view, First Person American Roulette at BC.GAME comes with two unique features. After each round, players with the most significant wins are displayed on the left side of the screen from the largest wins to the smallest. Showcasing the most notable successes can encourage players to place even bigger bets and show their winnings to all other participating players. Finally, the second feature is displayed at the bottom of the screen, and players can see the previous 13 outcomes from the roulette wheel. While the game is entirely random, it can help players discover possible patterns.


First Person American Roulette at BC.GAME is the epitome of immersive gaming. Players can experience the highest-quality online Roulette experience without interruption or any inconvenience since the betting range will cater to all players, all betting options are provided, and the game is perfectly optimized for mobile gaming. In addition, this Evolution title presents players with a few bonus features that are intended to improve the overall experience that this game will provide. What are you waiting for? The classic American Roulette wheel is calling your name, and you wouldn’t want to miss this spectacular showing.

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