Folsom Prison

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4 x 2

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Stakes Range

$0.1 to $100

About this game

Folsom Prison (Nolimit City): GAME Review & Theme

We've already explored San Quentin prison in a previous Nolimit City slot, and now we're venturing further into the series with Folsom Prison. It seems they're on a mission to explore the American penal system, and as long as these games continue to be popular, they're likely to continue this trend. Given the enjoyable nature of the first installment, expectations were high for this one, and I'm pleased to report that it received significant attention from its developers.

Folsom Prison adheres to the standard 4-reel layout, but it takes a unique approach that offers players anywhere from 16 to a whopping 46,664 ways to win. The game boasts tremendous potential, with the chance to win up to 75,000 times your initial wager. However, be prepared for high volatility, though it maintains fairness with a 96.07% RTP. Numerous exciting features have been incorporated, including wilds, scatters, and noteworthy bonuses like The Chair and Walk The Line Spins, as well as the intriguing Cockroach modifier, xWays, and the xSplit.

The initial five symbols represent the standard Royals, ranging from 10 to A. Following those, we encounter images of five prisoners, with the highest-paying symbol depicting a man with a prominent 'CASH' tattoo on his forehead. Moreover, this online slot seamlessly integrates with mobile devices, guaranteeing players an equally exhilarating gaming experience compared to playing on a desktop.

About Folsom Prison at BC.GAME

At BC.GAME, the Folsom Prison, a video slot by Nolimit City, features 4 reels with most rows initially locked, offering 16 ways to win at the beginning. However, as the game progresses, it can provide up to an impressive 46,664 ways to win.

The game offers two distinct RTP settings: a default RTP of 96.07%. Folsom Prison boasts high volatility and a 22.62% hit frequency, with the potential to win up to 75,000 times your bet.

Pay Table and Bet Size

At BC.GAME, the Folsom Prison, a Nolimit City video slot, features 4 reels with most rows initially locked, offering a potential of up to 46,664 ways to win. You have the choice of starting with a minimum wager of $0.20 or going up to a maximum bet of $100. Additionally, there's the Toast Bet feature that, when activated, adds 20% to your bet, allowing for a maximum bet of $120.

Moving on to the symbols, Folsom Prison employs a total of ten regular paying symbols. Five of these are the lower-value 10-A card royals, delivering payouts ranging from 0.3x to 0.9x the bet for landing five of a kind. The remaining five symbols represent high-paying characters, with 'CASH' being the most valuable, awarding 2.5x the bet for a five-symbol combination. The other four character symbols offer payouts ranging from 1x to 1.4x the bet for five matching symbols. Additionally, you can encounter two types of wild symbols, including regular wilds and Cockroach Nest wilds, both capable of substituting for any paying symbols.

Features of Folsom Prison (Nolimit City)

If you're not a fan of creepy crawlies, brace yourself because Folsom Prison is teeming with them. Let's begin with the scatter symbols, which make appearances on the central two rows of reels 2-5 during the base game and exclusively on reel 5 during the Walk the Line Bonus. When 2 scatters appear in the base game, they open up the middle two rows on reel 5. If only 2 scatters are present, they undergo a transformation into either an xWays symbol, an xSplits symbol, a wild symbol, or a Cockroach Nest Wild symbol. In the base game, landing 3 or 4 scatters triggers the Walk the Line or The Chair bonus rounds, respectively.

Toast Bet

You have the option to enable the Toast Bet by adding an extra 20% to your bet amount, ensuring that a scatter symbol will land on the second reel.

Wild Symbols and Sticky Symbols

The game's wild symbols enhance your chances of forming winning combinations by standing in for other paying symbols. There are two categories of wild symbols: the standard wild and the Cockroach nest. They can appear on all reels except for the first one.

Scatter Symbols

The Scatter symbol in Folsom Prison brings thrilling rewards. In the base game, Scatters can appear on reels 2 to 5, while in the Walk The Line feature, they only land on reel 5. When two Scatters appear on regular wins, they unlock the two middle rows on reel 5. Furthermore, two Scatter symbols have the potential to change into Cockroach Nest, Wild, xSplit, or xWays.

Free Spins
Walk the Line

Getting three Scatters on the reels grants you 8 free spins. If the xSplit symbol affects any Scatter, you'll receive an additional spin. During this round, landing the Scatter symbol not only gives you 2 extra spins but also upgrades any remaining Walk The Line spins to Chair Spins. Each spin starts with the center 2-4-4-4-2 rows unlocked, and you're guaranteed to have at least one Cockroach appear.

The Chair

The Chair feature is triggered when four Scatters are visible on the pay line, awarding 8 free spins, and you get an additional spin if any Scatter is influenced by the xSplit symbol. Each spin starts with the center 4-4-4-4-4 rows unlocked, and you're guaranteed to have at least three Cockroaches appear.

Reel Area

The reel configuration consists of 4-6-6-6-4 rows spread across 5 reels. Initially, many positions are locked, but they can be unlocked by specific symbols or Cockroach. Only the positions that are unlocked are active with symbols.

During the base game, your active area consists of the two middle rows on the first four reels, with the remaining positions remaining locked. In the two bonus modes, extra positions become unlocked when the bonus round begins.

Whenever a Wild, Scatter, ×Split, or ×Ways symbol lands on an open position, it automatically unlocks the nearest locked positions both above and below that particular reel.


These Cockroaches will appear on the middle three reels and can also transform from scatter symbols. Their initial position will then change into wild symbols, and they will move across the reels, leaving multipliers on the symbols they pass. If they pass a position multiple times, the multiplier on that position will also increase proportionally to the Cockroach multiplier's size. When a Cockroach passes a locked position, it will unlock it, and if multiple Cockroaches occupy the same position, it will turn into a wild symbol.

During the bonus game, you can also encounter Cockroach nest symbols that remain inactive until a Cockroach wanders over them. This action will upgrade the Cockroach's multiplier for the rest of the feature.

Cockroaches can have different multiplier levels, including 1x, 2x, 3x, or 10x. If a Cockroach carries two eggs, it will upgrade the Cockroach by one level and also create a clone that remains for the remaining spins. However, this cloning can only happen once per bonus game session, and the multipliers that the Cockroaches receive during the Walk the Line feature will carry over to The Chair if you activate it within the same round.


This symbol can appear in any position during the spin, containing 2 to 4 random normal paying symbols. When the xWays symbol lands, it will reveal 1 symbol below and 1 symbol above on the same reel, thereby increasing the ways to win.


This symbol is exclusive to reels 2 to 5 and the two middle rows. When it appears, all symbols on the row will divide, effectively doubling the ways to win for the paying symbols. Splitting the scatters leads to an extra free spin upon bonus activation and unlocks additional locked cells. The xSplit symbol transforms into 2 wild symbols and increases the multiplier level by 1 when splitting a Cockroach nest.

Meet Your Maker

Upon achieving the game's highest payout of 75,000 times your wager, you will trigger the Meet Your Maker scene, leading to the collection of this substantial prize pool.

Feature Buy-In

You have the option to choose from five different bonus buy alternatives, each with its associated cost and benefits:

  • 68X (maximum bet €100) = This option triggers the Walk the Line bonus game with an RTP of 96.36%.
  • 1500X (maximum bet €6) = This option activates The Chair bonus game with an RTP of 96.31%.
  • 82X (maximum bet €100) = With this choice, you have a 99% chance of triggering the Walk the Line and a 1% chance of activating The Chair. The RTP for this option is 96.46%.
  • 355X (maximum bet €24) = This option gives you an 80% chance of triggering the Walk the Line and a 20% chance of activating The Chair. The RTP is 96.20%.
  • 784X (maximum bet €10) = This option offers a 50% chance of triggering the Walk the Line and a 50% chance of activating The Chair. The RTP for this choice is 96.33%.


Folsom Prison by Nolimit City, available at BC.GAME, offers an innovative and thrilling slot gaming experience. With its unique 4-reel setup and the potential for up to 46,664 ways to win, it provides players with high volatility but fair gameplay, boasting a potential maximum win of 75,000x the stake. The game introduces various exciting features, including wilds, scatters, and bonus rounds like Walk the Line and The Chair, making each spin an adventure.

Folsom Prison's compatibility with mobile devices ensures that players can enjoy the same exciting gameplay on their smartphones and tablets as they would on a desktop. With its engaging theme and rewarding features, Folsom Prison stands out as a noteworthy addition to BC.GAME's slot lineup, promising hours of entertainment, and the potential for impressive winnings.

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