Mega Bola Da Sorte

RTP (Return to Player)


Reel Resign

5 x 5

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Stakes Range

$0.1 to $100

About this game

Mega Bola Da Sorte (Evolution Gaming): GAME Review & Theme

Mega Bola Da Sorte at BC.GAME is packed with futuristic elegance and excitement. The high-definition audio and video quality immerse players in a gorgeously designed room that emanates a sense of innovation and sophistication. The centerpiece, a swift ball-drawing machine, functions like clockwork, mesmerizing players as it quickly and satisfyingly draws the winning numbers. The room's design, filled with ultramodern accents and meticulous attention to detail, provides an exhilarating backdrop that complements the professional hosts, whose charisma adds a vibrant touch to the overall gaming experience.

The well-designed screen layout adds to the game's appeal, providing all the necessary information in an intuitive manner that keeps players engaged. Rounds happen at an incredibly fast pace, making Mega Bola Da Sorte a perfect option for those seeking a quick thrill or those eager to play longer but gain more out of each session.

Gameplay and Tutorial

Mega Bola Da Sorte is a thrilling game played with up to 400 cards alongside a ball-drawing machine. Each 5 × 5 card is filled with 24 unique numbers and a free, marked square in the center. Winning is achieved by forming a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line of five squares, with up to nine winning lines possible per card.

When you begin, you purchase packets of cards at the value you desire. You have the flexibility to add more packets or change the value of your cards while the betting window is still open. If you want to change numbers on a card, simply zoom in and click the "Refresh Numbers"  button.

Once the betting time concludes, the excitement builds as 20 out of 51 numbered balls are drawn from the machine. If a drawn ball's number matches one on your card, it's automatically marked. The cards update in real-time, sorting themselves so that the one closest to winning is always at the top, and your winnings are displayed below the corresponding card.

About Mega Bola Da Sorte at BC.GAME

Mega Bola Da Sorte from Evolution Gaming is a high-volatility live casino game, which means that players may experience more significant fluctuations in their bankroll. This can lead to big wins but also larger losses, requiring a careful and strategic approach. The game is played on a unique 5 x 5 grid layout with 12 different ways to win, providing an interesting twist to traditional reel configurations and offering more opportunities for players to score winning combinations. The layout enhances the game's appeal by creating diverse and engaging gameplay dynamics.

In terms of Return to Player (RTP), Mega Bola Da Sorte comes in at 95.4%, positioning it around the average mark compared to other titles in the iGaming industry. The RTP signifies that, theoretically, players can expect to receive 95.4% of their stakes back over an extended period of play. While this isn't the highest RTP in the market, the potential to win up to 1,000,000x or $500,000 adds an enticing layer to the title, making it a compelling choice for those seeking thrilling and rewarding entertainment.

Bet Limits and Payouts

Mega Bola Da Sorte at BC.GAME provides a versatile gaming experience by offering a wide range of betting options. Players can choose to place bets as low as $0.1, suitable for those looking for a more casual experience, or go as high as $100 for those seeking higher stakes.

Regarding the payout structure of Mega Bola Da Sorte, it's intricately designed, depending on the number of payline patterns a player achieves. Winning one or two lines offers a payout ranging from 1:1 to 99:1 or 4:1 to 499:1, respectively. If a player hits three, four, or five patterns, they receive payouts of 49:1 to 4,999:1, 249:1 to 24,999:1, or 999:1 to 99,999:1, respectively. Finally, for those fortunate enough to land six or more lines, the payout skyrockets, ranging from 9,999:1 to an astonishing 999,999:1.

Features of Mega Bola Da Sorte (Evolution Gaming)

Mega Ball Bonus Game

In the main game, 20 balls are drawn, which is followed by one or two special Mega Ball bonus games. At the beginning of each Mega Ball bonus game, a multiplier between 5x and 100x is created, and a physical ball is drawn to determine the Mega Ball number.

If the Mega Ball number completes a line on your card or cards, your payout for that card will be multiplied by the Mega Ball multiplier. However, if the Mega Ball number doesn't complete a line, it's treated as a regular ball, and your payout won't be multiplied.

Should there be more than one Mega Ball in the winning lines on the same card, your payout will be multiplied only by the highest multiplier, ignoring the others.


Mega Bola Da Sorte from Evolution Gaming is a thrilling adventure that captivates and entertains. With features like the innovative Mega Ball bonus game and an intricate payout structure, players are drawn into a futuristic world of excitement and possibility. From its sleek design to the energetic pulse of fast-paced rounds, this game is a celebration of modern ingenuity wrapped in a package of fun.

Whether it's the mesmerizing swirl of numbered balls or the chance to multiply your payout by a staggering 100x multiplier, Mega Bola Da Sorte promises a ride filled with surprises and allure, an entertainment experience where each draw, each win, and each moment is part of an unforgettable journey.

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