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About this game

About Mega Sic Bo at BC.GAME

Mega Sic Bo at BC.GAME has become the first version of Sic Bo from Pragmatic Play. As we can see now, the wait was worth it: beautifully dressed dealers, stunning studios, and high-end gambling equipment will make your experience as pleasant as it can possibly be. With the simple rules of Sic Bo, nothing will distract you from the gambling excitement!

Introduction to Mega Sic Bo at BC.GAME

With Mega Sic Bo at BC.GAME, you will be the only person at the table, so it is a single-player game. In this game, you are not competing with the dealer or any other players: it is just you and the dice. The RTP is 95.47%, which is the perfect balance between risk and potential reward. Thanks to the HTML-5 technology, Mega Sic Bo at BC.GAME is available on any platform, including mobile. The studio is equipped with gambling equipment like Dice Shakers, making the game’s RNG (random number generation) unquestionable.


The rules of Mega Sic Bo at BC.GAME is as simple as it gets. You have three similar dices, which are being rolled every round. The point of the game is to guess the outcome of the roll. There are multiple betting options available, so you can bet on lots of different characteristics of the roll.


Meg Sic Bo at BC.GAME lets you place multiple bets during the same round. For example, you can bet that the sum of all three dice will be more than ten and that the number will be odd. Keep in mind that you have to place your bets during the 15 seconds betting window, or you will have to sit the round out. Here is the list of all betting options that you have:

  • Small/Big - 1X
  • Odd/Even - 1X
  • Totals: 4 and 17 - 50X, 5 and 16 - 20X, 6 and 15 - 15X, 7 and 14 - 12X, 8 and 13 - 8X, 9 and 12 - 6X, 10 and 11 - 6X.
  • Single - 1X
  • Double - 2X, Specific Double - 8X
  • Triple - 3X, Specific Triple - 150X
  • Any Triple - 150X
  • Two Dice Combination - 5X


As we already mentioned, the unique feature of Mega Sic Bo at BC.GAME is the multipliers. Multipliers will be randomly assigned to several bets after the betting window is over. The bigger the initial payout is, the bigger multiplier it will receive. To get the highest payout in the game, a player has to win a Specific Triple bet with the multiplier assigned to it. If every condition is completed, then the payout will be a stunning 1000X


Mega Sic Bo’s interface will make your gaming experience much easier. Players can choose two different modes: the classic view and the more immersive 3D view. The last one feels like you are sitting right in front of the dealer, so you should definitely try it out. Additionally, you can see different betting statistics that can help you form your bets.
Small/Big - Odd/Even. This window will show you all the sequences needed to win the Small/Big or Odd/Even types of bets.
Dice Result Statistics. These statistics will show you all previous outcomes. If you believe in hot and cold numbers, then it will be very helpful to you: just look at the number that appeared the most in previous rounds, and bet on it.


Autoplay feature is very popular in slot games but is rarely seen in Live Dealer games. Fortunately, Mega Sic Bo at BC.GAME changes it by allowing you to do other things while playing the game. Autoplay mode will repeat the same bet automatically, so you don’t even have to look at the screen. You need to set the bet, select the number of rounds that you want to play, and set the stop loss number.

Strategy for Mega Sic Bo

The most important thing when forming your strategy is to remember the Mega Sic Bo at BC.GAME is 100% random. Don’t look for patterns where there are none. However, we can give you a tip on how to maximize your chances. If you aim for multipliers, then we advise you to place as many bets as possible. Since not all bets will receive the multiplier, by making multiple bets, you are making your chances bigger. Second of all, evenly distribute your bets. Make sure that you will be able to place at least 50 bets, and don’t put all your money in one round only.


Mega Sic Bo at BC.GAME won’t require a lot of energy from you, but it will provide you with the same experience. The uniqueness of the Sic Bo series is that you don’t have to think about different strategies, plan your bets, or figure out the mathematical probabilities. This game is all about fun and excitement. Since you aren’t getting tired from this game, you can play much longer than average and get the experience without being completely drained of energy after a long session. Everyone needs to stop overloading their heads sometimes, and Mega Sic Bo at BC.GAME is an amazing opportunity to do so.

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