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About this game

French Roulette by NetEnt: Game Review & Theme

Experience the timeless charm and excitement of French Roulette, a masterpiece by NetEnt that brings the thrill of the casino floor to your screen. Immerse yourself in the elegant and sophisticated atmosphere as you play this classic game with its stunning visuals and immersive gameplay. NetEnt has crafted French Roulette with meticulous attention to detail, capturing the essence of a real roulette table with its beautifully designed betting grid and spinning wheel. The game's simplicity makes it accessible to players of all levels, while its strategic elements and various betting options add depth and excitement.

With an impressive RTP of 97.3% and low volatility, French Roulette offers a balanced and rewarding gaming experience. The game features convenient features such as Autoplay, Dynamic billboard, and Favourite Bets, enhancing the gameplay and making it easy to place your preferred bets. Whether you're a seasoned roulette player or new to the game, French Roulette by NetEnt guarantees hours of entertainment and the potential for thrilling wins. Step into the world of French Roulette and let the wheel spin as you chase the excitement and anticipation of this timeless casino classic.

About French Roulette by NetEnt At BC.GAME

BC.GAME players can enjoy the elegance and sophistication of French Roulette while benefiting from the trusted and secure environment provided by the casino. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive controls, players can easily place their bets and engage in the thrilling gameplay. The game's low volatility and high RTP of 97.3% make it a favorable choice for players seeking a balanced and rewarding roulette experience.

At BC.GAME, French Roulette offers a range of betting options, allowing players to customize their strategies and enjoy the excitement of placing their chips on the virtual table. The game's realistic visuals, including the dynamic billboard and special bets panel, further enhance the authenticity of the gameplay. BC.GAME provides a platform where players can engage with French Roulette by NetEnt, immersing themselves in the world of this classic casino game and aiming for exciting wins.

Paytable and Bet Size

BC.GAME players can adjust their bet size by selecting their desired chip denomination, ranging from $0.1 to $1,000, and placing their chips on the corresponding areas of the roulette table. The minimum and maximum bet limits are set by the casino, providing players with a range of options suitable for both conservative and high-stakes betting strategies. Whether you're a cautious player or a risk-taker, French Roulette by NetEnt at BC.GAME offers a flexible and engaging betting experience.

The paytable in French Roulette follows the standard payout structure of European roulette. The straight-up bet, where players bet on a single number, offers the highest payout of 35:1. Other inside bets, such as split bets (betting on two adjacent numbers) and street bets (betting on three numbers in a row), offer lower payouts but higher chances of winning. Outside bets, such as betting on red or black, even or odd, or columns and dozens, have higher odds of winning but offer lower payouts.

Feature of French Roulette by NetEnt

Straight Up

One of the main features of French Roulette is the Straight Up bet. This allows players to place their chips directly in the center of their chosen number on the roulette table. By selecting a specific number, players are taking a more risky but potentially rewarding bet. If the ball lands on the chosen number, the payout is 35 times the original bet, offering the highest potential payout in the game. This feature adds an element of excitement and anticipation as players hope for their chosen number to be the winning one.

Street Bet

Another notable feature is the Street Bet. With this bet, players place their chips on the boundary line of the table at the end of a corresponding row. A street bet covers three numbers in a row, providing players with increased odds of winning. If any of the three numbers are spun, the payout is 11 times the original bet. This feature allows players to diversify their bets and cover a broader range of numbers, increasing their chances of a successful outcome.

Split Bet

The Split Bet is yet another exciting feature of French Roulette. With this bet, players place their chips on the line dividing two numbers on the table. This allows players to cover two numbers simultaneously and increases their chances of winning. If either of the two selected numbers is spun, the payout is 17 times the original bet, providing a significant potential return. The Split Bet adds versatility to the betting options, allowing players to strategize and cover more possibilities on the roulette wheel.

French Roulette by NetEnt: Summary

French Roulette by NetEnt is a captivating and authentic roulette game that brings the thrill of the casino to your screen. With its immersive design, smooth gameplay, and realistic graphics, it provides players with an exceptional gaming experience. The game features various betting options, including the Straight Up, Street Bet, and Split Bet, allowing players to customize their strategies and increase their chances of winning.

Whether you're a seasoned roulette player or new to the game, French Roulette by NetEnt is sure to captivate and entertain. Immerse yourself in the elegance and excitement of the roulette table, place your bets, and let the wheel spin as you chase the thrill of a winning spin. Experience the timeless classic of French Roulette and test your luck at BC.GAME now.

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