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$1 to $25000

About this game

About Punto Banco at BC.GAME

Evolution Gaming's Punto Banco at BC.GAME is a live casino game with a bet range from $1 to $25,000. The appeal of this title resides in its fast-paced and straightforward gameplay. The game's rules are similar to regular Baccarat, and it offers you as a player at BC.GAME a high Return to player (RTP) of 98.94%.

Introduction to Punto Banco at BC.GAME

Evolution Gaming uses the latest capturing technology and provides one of the best resolution and sound qualities in the iGaming industry to create a realistic atmosphere for you at BC.GAME. Additionally, you can choose between two camera angles - simplistic and professional, where the former lets you focus on the fun aspect of the game, and the latter offers you to come up with new strategies while bombarding you with a plethora of helpful information.  

How to Play

The goal of Punto Banco is to determine which hand will win by having the nearest value to nine.

Before every deal, you must wager on whether the player or Banker will win the round by holding the hand with the closest value to nine. If you think the player and the Banker will have hands of equivalent value, you can bet on Tie. You can also wager on side bets, like Player/Banker Pairs, Player/Banker Bonuses, Perfect Pairs, and Either Pairs. The dealer starts by dealing two cards each to the player and Banker. Whoever has the highest total card value wins. However, if the values are equal, the result is a Tie.  


In Punto Banco at BC.GAME you can place a bet on a player and Banker starting with $1 and up to $25,000. While betting on a Tie will cost from $1 to $1,000.  

Betting Options

Like in all other variations of Baccarat, you have three main betting options.

  • Banker Bet. This option lets you bet against your hand, meaning that you will win if the Banker's hand is better than yours. A perfect choice when you see that your hand is not competitive. The payout, in this case, is 0.95x.
  • Player Bet. By placing this type of bet, you will receive a payout if your hand is better than the Banker's. If you believe in your cards, then this is your option, where you will be rewarded with 1x of your total bet.
  • Tie Bet. It is the rarest bet since the probability of hitting a tie is lesser than the other two options. Consequently, the payout in case the bet is successful is also much bigger than in other scenarios. Your rewards may vary from 8x to 88x.  

Side Bets

Punto Banco also allows you to place side bets along with regular bets. Each side bet is separate from the main bet. You also need to place them during the twelve-second betting window. Different options for side bets are

  • Player or Banker pairs. This option lets you bet on either the Banker or the player getting two cards of the same value. The rewards on this betting range from 11x to 88x, with an RTP of 93.44%.
  • Perfect Pair. To win this side bet, the Banker or the player should have two cards identical by value and suit. The rewards are 25x for one hand and 200x for both hands, with an RTP of 91.95%
  • Player or Banker Bonuses. This option lets you bet on either the Banker or the player winning on a natural eight or nine or by at least four points. Winning this bet will reward you from 1x to 30x with an RTP of 97.35% for the Banker and 90.63% for the player.
  • Either Pair. It is the lowest-paying side bet, which will get you a 5x reward in case of winning. To win this bet, you need either a Banker or a player to get any pair.

Special Features

Punto Banco scores and statistics are noted on numerous scoreboards for either the player or the Banker. These visual depictions of previous rounds might assist you in forecasting the outcomes of upcoming games.

The Bead Road and Big Road show the outcomes of previous rounds, whilst the Big Eye Road, Small Road, and Cockroach Road show patterns developed from the Big Road.

The roads and shoe statistics are always erased when a new shoe is presented.

Strategy for Punto Banco

Evolution Gaming's scoreboard feature in Punto Banco at BC.GAME is the perfect trick up your sleeve that you can use to your advantage. Simply use these formulas: player's probability of winning = player wins / (total rounds - unplayed rounds) * 100; Banker's probability of winning = banker wins / (total rounds - unplayed rounds) * 100. The highest probability owner is the one you must bet on. Moreover, we advise you not to bet on a Tie ever because it has a very low-probability outcome.    


Punto Banco from Evolution Gaming is a perfect live casino game option for players at BC.GAME who are always in a rush. In just ten minutes, you can play 22 games, and everything can be done from the palm of your hand in the comfort of your home, car, or any other place you prefer.

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