Red Cliff

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Reel Resign

5 x 3

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Stakes Range

$0.1 to $100

About this game

Red Cliff (Evoplay): GAME Review & Theme

Red Cliff at BC.GAME takes you back to the time of the legendary Battle of Red Cliffs, a monumental conflict in Chinese history. The backdrop is a richly detailed, dynamic canvas featuring Liu Bei and Sun Quan's forces stationed aboard their majestic ships, flaunting vibrant red sails that pop against the turquoise sea and sky. Opposing them are Cao Cao's armies on the shore, a formidable cavalry in full battle armor, preparing for the imminent confrontation. This breathtaking panorama unfolds an epic story of rivalry and power, visually translating the lore into a thrilling gaming experience.

The atmospheric aesthetics are further augmented by an exquisite soundscape. As the game progresses, players are drawn into the melee through a rhythmic symphony of swords clashing, the whistling flight of arrows, and the thundering hoofbeats of the cavalry. These sound effects resonate against a stirring, tension-laden soundtrack that features a chorus, conveying a sense of impending battle and heroic resolve.

About Red Cliff at BC.GAME

Red Cliff from Evoplay is a high-volatility slot that creates an exhilarating, pulse-racing, and intense casino environment for high-risk enthusiasts. It can lead to substantial payouts, offering the potential for an impressive 7,201.5x the initial stake, but it also implies that wins might not be frequent and might vary considerably in size.

The layout of the game adheres to a standard 5 x 3 reel configuration, an industry classic that offers familiarity and ease of play. The structure comprises 25 paylines, providing ample opportunities for players to strike a winning combination and heighten their gaming experience.

However, Red Cliff has a comparatively low Return to Player (RTP) rate of 94%, which is slightly below the average when considering other popular titles within the iGaming industry. An RTP of this magnitude suggests that, over the long term, the house has a slightly higher advantage. Nonetheless, to balance this lower RTP, Evoplay compensates with a significantly high hit rate of 44%. It means that nearly every third spin is likely to result in a win, keeping players on their toes and ensuring a steady stream of rewards to offset the game's high volatility.

Pay Table and Bet Size

Red Cliff at BC.GAME presents a broad betting spectrum, accommodating players with various financial capacities. On one end, the wagering range extends from a minimum bet of $0.1, appealing to cautious players or those on a budget. On the other end, high-rollers can stake up to a maximum of $100 per bet, offering lucrative potential for substantial payouts.

Red Cliff's pay table begins with the low-paying symbols: a cup of tea, a bird, a poisonous dart, a guzheng, a crossbow, and a tar jug, with a payout value ranging from 0.1x for three identical symbols to 6x for five. Further down the list are five medium-paying symbols: a soldier, Liu Bei, Sun Quan, Xiao Qiao, and a sword wild, with an 8x, 8x, 10x, 10x, and 40x bet multiplier for five matches, respectively. And finally, Cao Cao's army scatter is a high-paying symbol that gives you a 100x reward for five identical symbols.

Features of Red Cliff (Evoplay)


A wild symbol, meticulously crafted in the form of a mighty sword, graces the interface and holds the potential to land on any of the reels during your gaming sessions. It can ingeniously substitute for all other symbols, with the exception of scatter symbols. The consequence of this functionality is an impressive boost in your payout potential, offering you more opportunities to rake in substantial wins during your gameplay.

Scatters, Free Spins, and Multipliers

Scatters are depicted as Cao Cao's army, and landing three or more of them triggers an initial set of five free spins. The excitement builds as the free spins round can be further enriched by additional scatter symbols.

If you hit between two and five scatters, another five free spins will be added, and any wins involving wild symbols will be multiplied by 5x.

If six to eleven scatters land, another five free spins are initiated, this time with a 25x multiplier for any wild wins.

Collecting 12 or more scatters activates the fourth set of five free spins, but this time with a huge 250x multiplier for wild wins.

Beyond this point, landing three or more scatters will continue to add extra sets of five free spins, although the wild win multiplier will remain at 250x.

Random Features

During any spin, there's a chance to activate one of three random features.

The first is the Cleave Hit feature, which, once activated, brandishes a sword to slice three symbols on a single reel from top to bottom, converting them into wild symbols.

The second random feature, dubbed the Savage Blow, essentially mirrors the function of the Cleave Hit feature, but instead, it slices three symbols diagonally across three distinct reels, subsequently replacing them with wild symbols as well.

Lastly, there's the Laceration Hit random feature. It uses a sword to slash five symbols horizontally on a single row from left to right, replacing them with either random or identical symbols.


Red Cliff by Evoplay is an immersive journey into the rich and diverse history of ancient China. It masterfully integrates the cultural significance of the era with an interactive gaming experience that is both engaging and educational. The magnificent visual portrayal of historical events is complemented by features that evoke intrigue and wonder, creating a compelling narrative that makes every spin an adventure.

Apart from its cultural value, Red Cliff offers exhilarating gameplay thanks to its powerful wild multipliers and a rewarding free spins round. These elements combine to deliver a gaming experience that is not just highly rewarding but incredibly gratifying. The additional random features infuse an extra layer of unpredictability and excitement, making every moment of play a delightful surprise.

In conclusion, we highly recommend trying out Red Cliff at BC.GAME, where you'll be able to fully appreciate the blend of history, culture, and top-tier casino mechanics.

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