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Reel Resign

3 x 1

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Stakes Range

$0.25 to $2.5

About this game

RTG 777 (Real Time Gaming): GAME Review & Theme

Injecting vitality into a timeless concept, Real Time Gaming introduces the RTG 777 slot machine. It preserves the familiarity of a 1-pay line, 3-reel layout while infusing a touch more risk than your typical video slot. Nostalgia takes the lead in this throwback design, complete with a sentimental hold feature reminiscent of classic land-based slot machines, sure to resonate with aficionados of traditional cabinet slots.

When engaging with the RTG 777 slot online, you're presented with the choice of normal, high, or super-stakes betting options. Your calculated risks yield enticing rewards, including multiplier wilds and the potential for a progressive jackpot.

Developed by Real Time Gaming, the game resides firmly within the realm of three-reel classic slots. Despite incorporating dynamic mechanics, the RTG 777 slot retains a straightforward and authentically conventional design. The main feature of the framework is three cylindrical reels, with a noticeable golden marker indicating the single pay line in the middle.

To the right, the paytable lights up to indicate your wins, as the background sound replicates the buzz of a busy casino - a blend of human conversation and machines. The design leaves no room for ambiguity regarding the gameplay's essence – it's an undiluted embodiment of classic slot action every step of the way.

About RTG 777 at BC.GAME

At BC.GAME, we are introducing RTP 777, a fresh take on a classic theme crafted by Real Time Gaming. While adhering to a traditional recipe, it captivates with contemporary visuals and a progressive jackpot, injecting newfound allure. The gameplay unfolds across 3 reels, where your spins ignite a single active line, crafting winning combinations. Notably, the maximum payout soars to an impressive 1,680 times your bet per spin.

One standout feature of this slot lies in its commendably high RTP of 96.5%, a rarity among medium volatility slots, particularly those embracing classic themes and three reels. This elevated RTP, which likely encompasses the progressive jackpot, further underscores its appeal, offering players a rewarding and engaging experience.

Pay Table and Bet Size

At BC.GAME, We have the opportunity to configure the bet for the upcoming round, and due to the presence of a sole pay line, comprehending the mechanics is straightforward. The total bet, chosen from a spectrum of $0.25 to $2.5, contributes exclusively to the solitary pay line. It's important to mention that every spin has the potential to payout up to an impressive 1,680 times your initial bet.

In this game, the most rewarding combination consists of three Wilds, yielding a payout of 1680 times. The progressive jackpot, showcased prominently above the reels, generally reaches a higher value, typically within the five-figures range.

Three Bars offer a payout of 40x for your wager size. For two Bars, the reward is 20x your bet, and a single Bar results in a payout of 10x your stake. If any 2 Wilds align, you'll receive a payout of 10x. The combination of three, two, and one Bars collectively bestows a reward of 5x your bet. Each Wild symbol awards a payout of 2x your wager. Matching 777 symbols results in a payout of 100x your stake.

Features of RTG 777 (Real Time Gaming)

Unlike many classic slot machines, this game forgoes common features such as wilds, free spins, and multipliers. However, it introduces a distinctive Hold option, enhancing the gameplay with a touch of strategy. After spinning the reels and receiving a set of symbols, players can opt to lock one or two reels while leaving the rest to spin again, potentially forming a winning combination. The cost of using the Hold option varies based on potential outcomes, adding a layer of decision-making. Moreover, the Wild symbol holds more significant value, with three appearing on a line, triggering the progressive jackpot. This unique gameplay mechanic presents an engaging twist rarely seen in various slot types.

Wild Symbols

A hallmark present in nearly every slot game, the wild symbol takes on an impactful role within RTG 777 online slot, delivering substantial potential for impressive wins. Even a solitary appearance on the payline secures a reward, and its versatility shines as it stands in for other symbols. When the wild contributes to a winning line, your prize triples in value.

Moreover, the magic continues when two wilds grace the payline, ensuring a prize. However, when two wilds join forces to complete a winning combination, an impressive 9x multiplier boosts your prize. In order to win the highly sought-after progressive jackpot, you must successfully land all three wilds on the payline while spinning and having placed a super bet.

Hold Feature, Locked Reels

This game is unique because it includes a Hold option, which can be easily accessed by pressing a button located under all three reels. As you initiate the spin, a set of symbols materializes. In the event of an unsuccessful combination, the Hold (lock) feature becomes available, allowing you to secure one or two reels of your choice. Subsequently, only the remaining unlocked reels will spin anew in hopes of aligning the requisite symbols for a winning combination. This strategic dimension, a rarity among slots of various kinds, adds an intriguing layer to the gameplay, enhancing the overall experience.

It's worth noting that utilizing the Hold option carries a cost that varies, contingent upon the potential outcomes of the round. Should your objective involve securing high-value symbols, the price attached to the Hold option might be more substantial compared to aiming for a more modest win.

Progressive Jackpot

Individually or in pairs, the Wild symbol bears relatively modest value. However, the game's dynamics take a thrilling turn when three Wild symbols align on a single pay line, serving as the catalyst for triggering the slot's captivating progressive jackpot. This impressive transformation underscores the potential for substantial winnings within the gameplay.

RTG 777 (Real Time Gaming): Summary

In closing, RTG 777, crafted by Real Time Gaming and available at BC.GAME, presents a refreshing fusion of classic slot nostalgia and modern ingenuity. With its distinctive Hold option introducing a strategic layer to the gameplay, players are immersed in a dynamic experience rarely seen in traditional slot machines. The absence of conventional features such as wilds and free spins is compensated by the intriguing Hold mechanic, offering a unique twist on the familiar. As players navigate the 3-reel layout and single pay line, the game's progressive jackpot adds an exhilarating layer of potential rewards. Anchored by a high RTP of 96.5% and medium volatility, RTG 777 provides an enticing avenue for both traditional and contemporary slot enthusiasts to engage in a captivating and potentially rewarding gaming journey. BC.GAME serves as a platform for players to delve into the world of RTG 777, where nostalgia meets innovation, ultimately culminating in a thoroughly enjoyable and immersive gaming experience.

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