Wild Overlords Bonus Buy

RTP (Return to Player)


Reel Resign

5 x 4

Lucky Spin


Win Ways


Max Win


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Stakes Range

$0.2 to $100

About this game

Wild Overlords Bonus Buy (Pragmatic Play): GAME Review & Theme

Floating high above the clouds, the kingdom in Wild Overlords Bonus Buy beckons players with an ethereal landscape unlike any other. A majestic cliff serves as the backdrop, seemingly suspended in the heavens, where the very air feels like it's infused with magic. The kingdom itself is a gateway to other dimensions, as evidenced by mystical portals flanking the landscape. One glance, and you can tell that each portal offers a tantalizing glimpse into an alternate dimension, making you wonder what kind of adventure lies beyond.

The game's reels are a spectacle in their own right, crafted from transparent, frosted, dark blue glass. What sets them apart are the magical particles that drift upwards within, like fireflies captured in a midnight dance. All this visual magic is complemented by a captivating soundtrack. Melodic tunes float through the air, anchored by slow chorus drum beats that lend a soothing yet invigorating ambiance. The result is an auditory delight that sets the perfect tone for a gaming session filled with possibilities.

About Wild Overlords Bonus Buy at BC.GAME

Wild Overlords Bonus Buy from Pragmatic Play is a powerhouse designed for players seeking high-risk, high-reward action. High volatility means that wins may not be frequent, but when they do come around, they can be incredibly substantial.

For the game mechanics, it sports a standard 5 x 4 reel layout but elevates the excitement with 20 paylines that can amplify your stakes up to a maximum win of 6,100x. This layout is intuitive yet packed with opportunities for sizable winnings.

Average may be the word for Wild Overlords Bonus Buy's Return to Player (RTP), pegged at 96.07%, but this is offset by other features that make the game enticing. While not at the high end of the RTP scale, it's consistent with many other games in the iGaming industry. With a 31% hit rate, you can expect a win every fourth spin, which keeps the gameplay energetic and engaging. This hit rate offers a decent balance, making sure that you're neither left high and dry nor overwhelmed with tiny wins.

Pay Table and Bet Size

In Wild Overlords Bonus Buy at BC.GAME, you'll find a broad spectrum of betting options that can cater to different types of players. Ranging from as low as $0.1 to as high as $100, the game allows for various strategies and risk levels, making it accessible to both budget players and high rollers.

Wild Overlords Bonus Buy's pay table begins with the low-paying symbols: card suits spades, clubs, hearts, and diamonds, with a payout value ranging from 0.2x for three identical symbols to 7x for five. Further down the list are three medium-paying symbols: a horse, a wolf, and a bull, with a 30x, 50x, and 80x bet multiplier for five matches, respectively. Finally, a tiger is a high-paying symbol that gives you a 150x reward for five identical symbols.

Features of Wild Overlords Bonus Buy (Pragmatic Play)

In Wild Overlords Bonus Buy at BC.GAME, you'll find an array of features designed to make your gameplay both exciting and rewarding. Wilds are there to boost your winning combinations, while colossal symbols magnify your chances by occupying more space than regular icons. If unpredictability is what you crave, mystery symbols appear to turn into any other symbol, adding an element of surprise. Sticky symbols keep their place on the reels for subsequent spins, increasing your odds of winning. You'll also encounter respins and free spins, but the excitement doesn't stop there; free spins come with multipliers to supercharge your gains. For those looking for a customized experience, the feature buy-in option allows you to bypass regular play and head straight to the special features. All these elements come together to make your time at Wild Overlords Bonus Buy nothing short of exhilarating.

Wilds, Colossal Symbols, Sticky Symbols, and Respins

Wild symbols come into play with unique attributes fashioned in the shape of a mandala. Restricted to reels two and four, they can replace any symbol except for mystery symbols. What sets them apart are their special abilities. For starters, during a single spin in the main game, each reel can display only one wild. A single wild is also powerful enough to initiate a respin.

During that respin, the wild moves over to the third reel, retaining its row position and remaining sticky until the spin ends. Colossal symbols of dimensions 2 x 2 also have a chance to appear on reels one, two, four, and five during the respin. The presence of the wild on the initial reel determines which reels will showcase colossal symbols. For instance, if a wild initially lands on reel two before moving to reel three, colossal symbols are guaranteed on the first and second reels.

Mystery Symbols

Mystery symbols make a special appearance, showing up anywhere between 5 and 12 times across adjacent reels in the main game. Once the spin concludes, these symbols transform into identical, regular symbols—except for wilds—thus enhancing your winning prospects by forming potential combos.

Free Spins and Multipliers

Activating the free spins round requires landing two wilds, which then shift to the third reel and combine. This fusion triggers eight free spins, beginning with a 1x multiplier. Each free spin shakes things up by altering the positions of the colossal symbols on the reels; it's a cycle of change that keeps every spin fresh. During these spins, a colossal wild may also make its debut, upping the multiplier by 1x each time. The ceiling for this multiplier is set at 9x.

Feature Buy-in

If you're keen to expedite the process and dive right into the high-stakes free spins round, there's the feature buy-in option for a 52x fee. Once you've paid the fee, the very next spin will trigger the free spins round, allowing you to skip the preliminary stages and get straight to the action.


Wild Overlords Bonus Buy from Pragmatic Play is a treasure trove for casino enthusiasts who thrive on intricate features and electrifying gameplay. Loaded with fantasy elements, the slot transports you to a magical landscape where anything can happen. But it's not the enchanting visuals alone that capture your attention; it's the bevy of game mechanics that keep you invested. Mystery symbols pop up to keep things intriguing, while unique colossal symbols elevate your winnings to new heights. The wilds mechanic adds another layer of excitement, and the respin function serves as the cherry on top, making each spin a rewarding affair. With its sumptuous mix of eye-catching graphics and multifaceted features, Wild Overlords Bonus Buy is one casino slot you'll want to revisit time and again. As a dazzling ride from start to finish, Wild Overlords Bonus Buy at BC.GAME is a must-play for those who enjoy an engaging, rewarding, and endlessly fun slot experience.

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