Wizard's Academy

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Wizard's Academy(BC Originals): Slot Review & Theme

Step into the hallowed halls of the Wizard's Academy, a revered institution dedicated to mastering the venerable and mysterious craft of magic. Here, you'll join a community of aspiring wizards and witches, each embarking on their own captivating journey through the arcane world of spellcasting and enchantment. As a student of this prestigious academy, you're not just learning magic; you're immersing yourself in an age-old tradition, uncovering secrets that have been guarded for centuries.

Paytable and Bet Size

Wizard's Academy slot game offers you a virtual experience of this magical journey. The game is ingeniously set on a 5x6 grid, where the mystical elements of the academy come to life. The cluster pay mechanic adds an innovative twist, as you align symbols in clusters rather than traditional paylines, echoing the interconnected nature of magical elements. Each spin is a step deeper into the academy's lore, with the potential to unlock powerful combinations and spellbinding bonuses.

The symbol payouts for this game is 96.50%. The game boasts a maximum win potential of up to 10,000 times your bet, mirroring the immense power and wealth that mastery of magic can bring. Every cluster of symbols you align brings you closer to this ultimate prize, making each game a thrilling pursuit of magical prowess and fortune.


Land 5 or more connecting symbols of the same type anywhere on the grid to get a winning combination. After the win is registered, all elements participating in the winning combinations are removed and new symbols fall from the top.

About Wizard's Academy at BC.GAME

Embarking on the path of studying magic is an entrancing journey, one filled with secrets and opportunities that can elevate you to unparalleled heights of greatness. At the core of this mystical quest is the mastery of ancient and arcane practices. Delve into the depths of potion brewing, where each ingredient and each stir holds the power to unlock mysteries of the magical world. Hone your skills in the art of transfiguration magic, a discipline that allows you to alter the very essence of objects, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. As you perfect these arts, you set yourself on a path to become not just a powerful wizard but the wealthiest and most renowned one of all time.

And now, a messenger arrives with the news that will change your destiny: You are enrolled at the Wizard's Academy! This isn’t just a game, but an invitation to a world where your newfound skills can lead to untold riches. Will you rise to become the most formidable and affluent wizard of the age? Your magical journey at the Wizard's Academy is just beginning, and it's laden with the promise of wealth, power, and adventure beyond imagination.

Features of Wizard's Academy (BC Originals)


With the power of magic, make symbols disappear! After a winning combination is registered, participating symbols are removed from the reels, and extra symbols fall from the top, forming new combinations. The potential is unlimited!

Crystal Balls

Crystal balls can predict fate, and your fate is golden! Crystal ball symbols increase their multiplier after every cascade and multiply all the clusters they are a part of! There are two different types of crystal balls, the magic of which you can discover.

The base game features Red and Blue Crystal Balls. Crystal Ball are wild symbols. The Red Crystal Ball increases its multiplier by 1 for each winning cluster. Crystal Balls multiply cluster wins they are part of.

During each spin, there is a chance for one Crystal Ball of each type to appear. When the Crystal Ball lands on the reels, it doesn’t have multipliers. Crystal Balls do not disappear after participating in a win. If two Crystal Balls are part of the same winning cluster, their multipliers are multiplied together.

Potion Class Bonus Game

Every wizard has to know how to brew the best potions. Follow the commands of the professor and master this art in the potion class, Each winning symbol will increase the corresponding reel multiplier. Use a magic staff to increase it even further. Activate reel multipliers with potions to multiply all wins, regardless of their position. With this knowledge, you can successfully pass the exams and receive your rewards!

Textbook Scatters appear only in the base game. 3 Textbook Scatter symbols trigger Potion Class Bonus game with 10 free spins.

During this Bonus Game, multipliers are displayed below each reel, starting at 0. For every winning symbol on the corresponding reels, the multiplier increases by 1. Reel multipliers multiply wins regardless of their position, and the mlutipliers from different reels are added together.

There are two special symbols in this Bonus Game, “Potion” and an “Arch-mage Staff”. When a “Potion” symbol lands on a reel, it activates the corresponding reel multiplier for the rest of the game. Each time the multiplier is activated, 2 additional free spins are awarded.

When an “Arch-mage Staff” symbol lands on the reels, it multiplies the multipliers by a random value of x2, x3, x4, x5, or x10. The maximum value for each reel multiplier is 9999.

Transfiguration Class Bonus Game

The art of Transfiguration magic is hard to master, but it pays in full. With these powers, you will be able to turn objects into silver or even gold! In this bonus game, there is a multiplier above each reel. Increase it with the magic staff for greater win potential. Transform the blue crystals into precious metals, receiving the multipliers on the corresponding reels. Stack your gold and combine it with the power of red crystals, clearing the way for new transformations.

  • 4 “Textbook” Scatter symbols trigger Transfiguration Class Bonus Game with 3 refilling spins.
  • In this bonus game, the symbols from the base game are replaced with different symbols. During this feature, multipliers are displayed above each reel, starting at 1.
  • Wooden Box symbol had no effect. Blue Crystal symbol transforms and receives the corresponding reel’s multiplier, remaining until the end of the bonus game.
  • Red Crystal symbol destroys all the corresponding reel’s symbols and inherits the multipliers of transformed Blue Crystals. It remains until the end of the bonus game/
  • Magic Staff” symbol reveals a multiplier and adds it to the corresponding reel’s multiplier. Epic Magic Staff symbol adds value to all reels multipliers. Values can be: 1x. 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 10, 25x, 50x or 100x.
  • Every time any symbol except the “Wooden Box” lands on the reels, the remaining spins counter is reset to 3.

Buy Bonus

This exciting function allows players to instantly access the game's special bonus rounds, bypassing the usual requirement of hitting specific combinations during regular play. By purchasing the bonus, players can immediately dive into more lucrative and thrilling aspects of the game, such as advanced spells, potent potions, and possibly encountering more formidable magical challenges. This feature is especially appealing for those who wish to fast-track their way to the bigger rewards and experience the full breadth of what Wizard's Academy has to offer, from its immersive magical themes to its most rewarding and interactive segments. Whether you're looking to quickly boost your magical prowess or eager to explore the deeper mysteries of the academy, the Buy Bonus option is your gateway to an accelerated and enriched magical slot experience.

Wizard's Academy (BC Originals): Summary

Wizard's Academy at BC.GAME invites players into an enchanting world of magic and mystery. This captivating slot game is set in a mystical academy where players learn the art of wizardry. It's not just about spinning reels; it’s about embarking on a magical journey, mastering spells, brewing potions, and unlocking the secrets of a wizard’s world.

In addition to its regular gameplay, Wizard's Academy offers special features like the "Buy Bonus" option. This feature allows players to immediately access bonus rounds, enhancing their gameplay and increasing their chances of unlocking the academy’s richest treasures. The game is designed with immersive graphics and enchanting sound effects, perfectly capturing the mystical ambiance of a wizard’s academy. From the detailed symbols to the spell-themed backgrounds, every aspect of the game contributes to an engaging and magical experience.

Wizard's Academy at BC.GAME is more than a slot game; it's an immersive experience in a world of wizardry. Players will find themselves captivated by the magical theme, engaged by the unique gameplay mechanics, and thrilled by the potential for significant wins. This game promises not just a chance at fortune but also an enchanting journey into the heart of a magical realm.

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