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BC.Game’s Classic Dice is a perfect example of why this has been a leading industry game for years. It's a game of probability established by blockchain hash value calculation and algorithm. Hold on tight as the dice roll! The closer your predicted number is to the randomly generated number, the higher your probability of winning!

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Rigged for days this thing is. How does bc get away with this crap?
Clearly rigged when you start rising your bets..
Ngeri skrg clasicdice nya memang buat rampok player LS nya..🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦
Game fuck
Don’t waste your money playing dis game!!!
I don't know why I'm seeing only myself in the all bet, when usually it's supposed to show all different casino game players. Bc.game is this part of your schemes?. If so then please change? I shouldn't see only my bets on the " ALL BETS " session. I need to see other people GAMES and BETS too. When this is happening then I think I will have no option than to agree with others that you guys are scam. I feel like you're monitoring me to bankrupt my account when I play.
Fuck this game this game Is Scam
Skam game.. skam site.. delete this post if I’m correct!
Hello everyone
Bc good
@cryptoprem do you usually bet with normal USD currency or in crypto currency it I may ask?
people usually forget its a online cashino ,where you can try your luck,have some fun and earn crypto,use different strategies ,play safe nd boom ,earn daily profit,i just want to thanks bc game for having such a amazing platform 🤩
BC is good to all winners but bad to all lossers...u choose where you belong lol😀😀😀