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Introduction To Penalty Shoot Out at BC.GAME

Have you ever experienced immense nervousness when walking up to the penalty spot, just you and the goalkeeper? A goal means victory, while a miss could mean the end of a World Cup run. While you may not have experienced this before, Penalty Shoot Out at BC.GAME does a fantastic job of placing players right there on the penalty spot, where the choice of shot is the only thing that matters.

About Penalty Shoot Out at BC.GAME

In this instant-win game, it’s just you against the goalkeeper. You’ll need to keep your cool as the crowd roars and you witness the cheers, chants, and flashing lights coming from the stadium background. The game creates an increased intensity through its fast-paced soundtrack, which will only make it more difficult to keep a level head. While difficult, scoring a winning goal is not impossible. Do you have what it takes to beat the goalkeeper?

Game Rules

The rules of Penalty Shoot Out at BC.GAME are rather simple and easy to understand; for this reason, the game is generally far more accessible to all kinds of players. Firstly, players will need to select a team they wish to play for; with a selection of 24 different countries, the options are quite vast. Some of the countries can include previous World Cup winners such as England, Germany, Spain, and Portugal. Players can also change the country they wish to play for by simply clicking the flag button in the left corner of the screen.

The next thing players will need to decide the betting amount per shot for the betting range of Penalty Shoot Out at BC.GAME is quite vast, ranging from $0.1 to $500. This means that this game caters to both casual players and high rollers as well.

Multipliers can allow players to win increased rewards for achieving consecutive goals in a row. For the first goal, players will achieve a payout of 1.92x the initial stake; each consecutive goal will then increase the multiplier by 2x. For the second goal, players will achieve a payout of 3.84x. The third goal in a row will offer a 7.68x payout, while the fourth goal will offer a payout of 15.36x, and the fifth goal will bring a payout of 30.72x. Following the fifth consecutive goal, if players manage to score more goals in a row, the payout will stay at 30.72x the initial stake.

Collect feature will allow you to collect the wins you have generated after consecutive goals. This helps bring some stability to a game based entirely on luck and chance.

Random feature allows players to skip the difficult choice of deciding where to send the soccer ball within the net. This feature can also increase the speed of the gameplay and can also be considered an autoplay feature.

Strategy For Penalty Shoot Out at BC.GAME

Penalty Shoot Out at BC.GAME is an instant-win gambling game entirely based on chance, and therefore there is little strategy involved within the game. However, this isn’t to say that players can’t use the features provided to increase their chances of keeping their winning streaks. The collect feature will allow players to instantly collect the wins generated from scoring consecutive goals. We would advise players to use the history tab to view which multiplier lands most frequently; after this multiplier has been achieved, players should then collect the accumulated wins. Additionally, players should try to stick to the middle betting ranges or an amount that their bankroll comfortably permits.


For an instant-win game, Penalty Shoot Out at BC.GAME does a great job of stabilizing the gameplay with an attractive RTP of 96%, along with the added features that will help players instantly collect accumulated wins. For any fan of soccer and instant-win games, Penalty Shoot Out by Evoplay is the perfect combination. The graphics are fantastic and are to be expected of a game produced by such a respected iGaming provider. The soundtrack might instill more anxiety when deciding where to place the soccer ball in the net, but it is a game based on penalty shootouts, after all, and therefore does its job perfectly.

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