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This one is not your typical slot game. It has a unique theme, and its gameplay makes it stand out from the rest. The Egyptian theme is friendly to see in a game like this since it gives you something unique and an amazing feeling to what you usually see in other games.

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Dang. Those stats are horrible. Like I said it seems that they patched their games after that rio comp.
Profit $- 53.18 Win 27 Lose 221
$ -11.62 Win 6 Lose 50
House edge: 83.5% There fixed it.
fkn s8d
£ 191.28 Profit £- 37.63 Win 30 Lose 215
the odds on this game have changed for the worse, save your money and play a non- bc.game
u can be sure that your chances of winning in lottorey are higher than Egyptian :))
Fknn non stop rip off £-47.31 Win 3 Lose 35
$- 34.82 Win 12 Lose 117
Fuck you creators, pieces of shit, bum ass payouts fuck you guys
- cun5t off day and night. 88.38 -$ 88.11 Win 62 Lose 432
-57.02 Win 49 Lose 348
I hope you get hit with a class action pieces of shit
Burn in hell creators
Feel like the RTP is not 97.5% to be honest
Worst fucking game
fk off Profit -$28.37 Win 9 Lose 72
rigged s vfuck now ...... $-58.67 Win 70 Lose 471
You funked this game totally Profit $-48.06 Win 7 Lose 182