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Limbo is straightforward and simple, yet engaging all the same. This is why it’s ideal for all players regardless of experience or expertise, as well as any budget and risks of appetite. You have the choice to go either really small or make a beeline for bigger wins as high as 1 000 000x your wager.

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Just remember, no need to go yolo to win big. I had 30 bucks i was willing to lose, 1 cent bet with 300k multi and it hit. Easy 3k cashout, just enjoy it!
$1,500 Exclusive LIMBO Prestige Challenge #75 ⏳Start: 06, March 12:30 pm UTC ⏳Ends: 09, March 12:30 pm UTC ⚡️ Participants This weeks Prestige Challenge is back with your favourite game LIMBO! 🏆Available Prizes🏆 👑 1st...............$500 👑 2nd.............$250 👑 3rd..............$125 👑 4th................$75 👑 5th................$50 👑6th-10th.......$20 💫11th-20th.....$12.5 https://forum.bc.game/topic/13541-0
🤪 🤪
Hahaha limbo
Honestly this is just sad
This is bc fantasy..what a funking day..love u gambling site..u always fuck me ..o ia ia ia oo oo a come down end quick quick
wht fkn shit £ -45.12 Win 51 Lose 893
I'm just going to take my business elsewhere. It's rather irritating that once every 3 months, this things just shits money at you as if the house edge is actually 1% then decides to just take it all back from you and then some by never hitting at any number at any payout. That's really bad business and I hope I'm not the only one who can clearly see what's going on. A few weeks ago for a few hours, I could've played blindfolded just button mashing it it goes to $1,000, now nothing works!!!! Wtf
good luck all 9999x👏🏼👏🏼
lets me hit 1 million X
terrible game
Do not fall into the trap, they only give you profit so that you get excited and then they take everything from you
just a pinned comment, for their benefit
I've hit 500 quit a few times just takes patients
thats why i donot play ..i undustand my id black list coz i m level..more then..
If anyone is interested in seeing the proof of what provably fair would deem the next 100 outcomes should be and what they will be message me. I have the last 9900 wagers recorded kept track of and there is a median of which these next 100 numbers should add up to in order to be provably fair and I can guarantee it will not even be close it will be significantly off at that point#WH#GL#4TGG
In other words yes you can win on this site just not monetarily!
Here’s the deal if you wager 20$ a hand on limbo at a 50% win rate and you place 100 wagers at 10$ a wager you loose Bc every wager you are roughly giving the house 1$ from every wager you loose and win. so after 100 wagers you give the house roughly 100$ off well pretty much any wager that’s how it works. So I myself will never deposit another dollar on this site so I’ll save you and your family the grief pay someone 100$ to punch you in the face and kick you in the balls! Your welcome!