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Coin Flip is the best example of a game of chance. You might have already played this before when you were a kid or in your high school class, as the teacher is discussing all probability. This coin flip is the picture-perfect example of selecting between two possible outcomes. BC.Game takes this simple concept and incorporates its own spin on it as a gambling game, offering its players a lucrative opportunity to win big prizes.

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If you read this comment stop playing on this site right now because they use artificial intelligence to cheat you
Whenever I'm betting high value, it automatically reads it and always give a different side, and i got loose.. How can we say that its a fair game?
It ain’t too bad on here
Hahaha youre. Not letting me win here anymote hahahahaha
Very bad opps
I don't think this game has any fairness.. I lose always. I see the pattern, I bet, yet I lose. They just give some small profit at the start to lure you and then you lose everything. This has happened dozens of times to me.. I think they tweak the seeds/hash. I know this 'cuz I've made something similar for my client once. Just some minor tweak, the platform rakes the profit. I strongly suggest you, ****PLAY THIS GAME ONLY IF YOU HAVE LOTS OF MONEY AND WANT TO LOSE SOME****
Worst site on the internet. They are legitimately cheating. Don’t be fooled by NPCs and a decent win
Best games 4055x
My record 512X!!!
I don't understand the rules to this game.
The best bc inhouse game 🔥
Nice Game
youll hit big. then. set down the coinflip crack pipe. or let the heads-tails flip addiction take you till left with nothing but dust
Become the coin. Be the coin. You are the coin.
Anyone seen that movie im Gonna Git u Sucka? I saw it as a kid and didnt like it always thought maybe cause i was too young for it when i saw it, i recently saw it again and realized it sucked and it had sucked this whole time. Well this game sucks more.
Good game just think out your Bets that's al...