The Hand of Midas

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Reel Letak Jawatan

5 x 3

Putaran Bertuah


Jaringan Menang


Kemenangan maksimum


Kadar Hit




Julat pancang

$0.2 to $125

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The Hand of Midas (Pragmatic Play): Slot Review & Theme

Behind the transparent reels of The Hand of Midas at BC.GAME, the atmosphere is thick with ancient Greek allure. Rays of golden sunlight penetrate the time-worn temple, casting an ethereal glow on intricate columns that have withstood the test of eons. It's as if Apollo himself has blessed your gameplay, and in that celestial light, you'll notice treasure chests overflowing with gold coins—remnants of a time when Midas could turn all he touched to gold. Each spin of the reel feels like a dance between past and present, where historical richness coexists with modern gameplay.

The audio landscape is also nothing short of epic. The soundtrack transports you back to the glory days of Greece, where legends were born, and myths took shape. Whether it's the clang of coins or the subtle rustling of parchment, the sound effects add layers of texture that bring the visual elements to life.

About The Hand of Midas at BC.GAME

When it comes to volatility, The Hand of Midas from Pragmatic Play doesn't hold back, bringing a high level of risk and excitement to each spin. A perfect fit for players who enjoy chasing big rewards, this high-volatility game promises a rollercoaster ride of emotions.

Regarding the reel layout, the slot offers a conventional 5 x 3 setup with 20 paylines, providing ample opportunities to create winning combinations. One of the big draws is the potential maximum win of up to 5,000 times your bet, adding an extra layer of excitement to each spin.

Additionally, a generous 96.54% RTP distinguishes The Hand of Midas from many other online slots, indicating a better chance of walking away with a profit over the long run. While not the absolute highest RTP in the market, it's still above the industry average, making it appealing for value-conscious players. Although it's a high-volatility game, the hit rate sits at 29%, which essentially means you can expect a win roughly every fourth spin. This combination of a high RTP and a moderate hit rate makes The Hand of Midas a compelling choice for those who relish the thrill of high-stakes gaming while also enjoying frequent wins.

Pay Table and Bet Size

The Hand of Midas at BC.GAME offers gamblers an invitingly broad wagering scope, ranging from a minimum of $0.2 up to a hefty $125 per spin. A diverse betting range like this not only makes it appealing for those on a budget but also draws in high rollers seeking to maximize their winnings.

The Hand of Midas's pay table begins with the low-paying symbols: card ranks 10, J, Q, K, and A, with a payout value ranging from 0.1x for three identical symbols to 2.5x for five. Further down the list are three medium-paying symbols: a golden goblet, a fruit bowl, and a treasure chest, with a 5x, 7.5x, and 10x bet multiplier for five matches, respectively. Topping the table, the game boasts high-value character symbols: King Midas's golden daughter, an ancient druid, and King Midas himself reward you with bet multipliers of 12.5x, 15x, and 20x for landing five matching symbols, respectively.

Features of The Hand of Midas (Pragmatic Play)

Revolutionizing the concept of luck and strategy, The Hand of Midas offers you a gaming landscape filled with multiplier wilds that exponentially amplify your winnings. Complementing these are free spins accompanied by sticky wilds, locking in massive rewards for each magical spin. And for those looking to customize their destiny, there's the feature buy-in option, ensuring an extra layer of choice and empowerment.

Multiplier Wilds

Appearing solely on the second, third, and fourth reels, the wild symbol comes with its basic functionality of replacing all other icons except scatters to form winning combinations. Alongside its basic role, it brings an extra perk: multipliers. If a wild symbol is part of a win, it amplifies the payout by 1x, 2x, or 3x. When multiple wilds join forces to create a combo, their multipliers combine to give your winnings an added boost.

Scatters, Free Spins, and Sticky Symbols

Sporting the hand of Midas design, the scatter symbol triggers the free spins feature if you land three, four, or five of them on the reels. A 3 x 3 grid comes into play before the free spins kick off, revealing slots with values of one, two, or three, which correspond to the number of free spins awarded. The spins then unfold, offering you anywhere from 9 to 27 free spins.

Two unique characteristics define the free spins round. First, any multiplier wild symbols that pop up will stick around for the entire round. Second, a dynamic multiplier enhances the round, randomly increasing the win by 1x, 2x, or 3x.

One awesome perk ensures you won't exit the free spins empty-handed. If you deplete your spins and haven't won anything, the round automatically reactivates to get you to the minimum guaranteed win. Payout guarantees of 10x, 20x, and 30x are available, depending on whether you landed three, four, or five scatter symbols in the initiating spin.

Feature Buy-in

If you're eager to boost your gameplay, you have two compelling options. One approach is to pay a flat fee—100x, 200x, or 300x—to secure an instant free spins session. This ensures your next spin will have three, four, or five scatter symbols, catapulting you into the high-reward zone of the game.

Your second option requires a lesser financial commitment: a 1.25x fee per spin to elevate your chances of triggering the free spins. This way, you enhance your odds without breaking the bank.

The Hand of Midas(Pragmatic Play): Summary

Harnessing the allure of ancient Greek mythology, The Hand of Midas from Pragmatic Play is a virtual treasure trove for casino aficionados. From its captivating graphics, steeped in the legendary tales of King Midas, to its highly engaging gameplay mechanics, the slot captures your attention right from the get-go. With features like free spins and sticky multiplier wilds, it's no wonder the game has carved out its own devoted fanbase. What really sets it apart, however, is the feature buy-in option that allows players an unprecedented level of freedom and control over their game strategy. It lets you enjoy the thrill of gambling with a guaranteed payout, adding a layer of certainty to the inherent unpredictability of slots. So, if you're looking for a game that effortlessly combines narrative depth, dynamic gameplay, and a sprinkle of free will, The Hand of Midas at BC.GAME should unquestionably top your must-play list.

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