Speed Auto Roulette

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$0.5 to $5000

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Speed Auto Roulette at BC.GAME: Game Features

Unlike standard roulette, Speed Auto Roulette at BC.GAME comes with various features for its players, which make the game much more fun and exciting. For most people, the attractiveness of a game is based on the feeling of urgency it gives the player. The speed of the roulette spins Speed Auto Roulette at BC.GAME's differentiating feature.

The average roulette game lasts between 30 and 45 seconds, but with Speed Auto Roulette at BC.GAME, you only have to wait 25 seconds. Speed Auto Roulette at BC.GAME from Evolution Gaming features the standard European roulette wheel. Any player who has previously spent time at one of their roulette tables will feel at home here. It differs only from classic roulette in that each round is played much faster.

Among the other features, the betting feature of this game is also unique, unlike other roulette games. The wager is made by choosing a coin value and then putting it on the board or racetrack in front of you. Numbers included in a bet are highlighted when the mouse hovers over the wager. To help you visualize your wager, the button will highlight all even numbers as you are ready to hit the Even button.

You may put up a stake in advance and enable Auto Play to play it automatically. The game will keep repeating your previous wager until Auto Play stops or you explicitly stop it. You may also check your record and percentage of success on the statistics page. Other than the face paced gameplay, Speed Auto Roulette at BC.GAME offers various features which have made it greatly popular in the online roulette community.

Speed Auto Roulette at BC.GAME: Game Verdict

Despite the craze for Live dealers, Speed auto roulette has a special place for auto roulette fans. Their intuitive features and amazing visuals do a great job of keeping players hooked while taking less time in each game. If you want to play quick rounds of roulette, you should check Speed Auto Roulette at BC.GAME out.

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