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Event Dates:

  • 4/12: Leg 1-1 match
  • 4/13: Leg 1-1 match
  • 4/19: Leg 2-1 match
  • 4/20: Leg 2-1 match
  • 5/9: Semi-final Leg 1 match
  • 5/16: Semi-final Leg 2 match
  • 6/10: Final match

How it works

Enjoy top soccer events while minimizing your risk with free bets based on your VIP level.

  1. Bet on the main soccer event during the specified dates.
  2. If your bet loses, receive one (1) free bet with the same amount based on your VIP level.
  3. Freebet Tiers:
VIP LevelsFreebet amount
VIP 4 - 7Max freebet $10
VIP 8 - 21Max freebet $20
VIP 22 - 38Max freebet $30
VIP 39 - 59Max freebet $50
VIP 60 and aboveMax freebet $100


  • Opt-in form: CLICK HERE
  • You need to fill in the BET ID of your losing bet on the above link to participate in this campaign.

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General Rules

  1. Only bets placed on main soccer events during the specified dates are eligible for free bets.
  2. Free bets will be awarded based on the player's VIP level at the time of the lost bet.
  3. Players must be at least VIP 4 to participate in this event.
  4. All cryptocurrencies are eligible, except JB and BCL.
  5. Free bets will be credited to the player's account within 72 hours after the completion of each event.
  6. BC.GAME reserves the right to amend, suspend, or cancel the event at any time.
  7. In the event of a dispute, the English version of the event is final.
  8. BC.GAME will be the sole judge in respect of honoring any and all promotional offers.