Dota 2: TI Challenges
The Ultimate Esport Showdown - Predict & Win!
📅 31th of October 2023
736,533.55 JPY

Challenge 1: 100$ Freebet Revelation (Champion x5 Freebet ticket):

  • Predict the Dota 2 TI champion and place a bet of at least $5 on any BC.GAME original game, irrespective of the outcome.
  • The bet amount should be at least $5 with odds (payout) of 2.0  and above.
  • Each participant can submit only one final winner prediction.
  • Successful predictors who correctly identify the champion will receive a free bet ticket equal to their bet amount, up to a maximum of $20 x 5.
  • The free bet value is equivalent to the bet amount from the submitted valid bet link.
  • [Submit Your Betlink Here] Submit before Oct 12th.

Challenge 2: Team Liquid's Legendary Fate ($5000 Treasure Chest):

  • Participants can submit their bet ID from Dota 2 The International, specifically for "Team Liquid" as the winner.
  • Only pre-match tickets for “Dota 2 The International – Winner.
  • Should Team Liquid emerge as the champions, all eligible participants will equally share the prize pool of $5000.
  • If a team other than "Team Liquid" is crowned champion, eligible participants will receive a free bet ticket at a 1:0.5 ratio based on their bet amount, up to a maximum of $100 x1.
  • Each user can submit only one entry.
  • The bet amount should be at least $10 with odds (payout) of 1.8 and above.
  • [Submit Your Sports Ticket ID Here] Submit before Oct 12th.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. BC.GAME reserves the right to modify, suspend, or terminate the promotion without any prior notice.
  2. To be eligible, participants must submit their prediction along with the relevant bet ID or sports ticket ID in the provided links.
  3. The minimum bet amount to participate in the challenge is $5/$10 or its currency equivalent.
  4. BC.GAME has the authority to void any bets or withhold prizes for reasons like manifest errors, technical glitches, cheating, or suspected collusion between participants.