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Bakery Bonanza (PG Soft): Slot Review & Theme:

For those that didn’t know, PG Soft stands for Pocket Games Soft, which essentially hints toward a series of games that are specifically geared toward mobile devices. This means one thing, players can expect the very same tasty graphics and delicious gameplay without any sort of input delay or quality-of-life disadvantages since all the buttons are rearranged to fit the mobile screen, making the visuals as crisp as one of the croissants in the reels.

Believe us when we say the graphics of this developer’s slots are crisp; we’re not kidding. Bakery Bonanza is also no different, and it’s especially exciting since many of the symbols are inspired by delectable treats, which makes watching the reels truly mouth-watering. Furthermore, the background of this slot perfectly represents the intense gameplay but the tasty rewards in a single image as it depicts a fiery oven that has been stoked to bake a set of delicious buns. The view is spectacularly high-quality, so the entire experience is rather immersive.

Pay Table and Bet Sizes

Of course, to be the most popular bakery on Fenghua Street, you’d have to cater to many different customers. As such, the betting range of Bakery Bonanza also caters to all types of players, and it’s quite vast, with a minimum bet of $0.2 and a maximum of $100.

As mentioned earlier, the symbols that appear in this game grid will incite a very specific emotion in players. The tasty depiction of classic car suits seen as biscuits is incredible and includes diamonds, clubs, hearts, and spades, each awarding minimum payouts of 1x and maximum payouts of 4x. The high-value symbols look equally as delicious but feature more exotic baked goods such as a macaroon, donut, croissant, eclair, cheesecake, and cake, offering minimum payouts of 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 10x, and 20x, and maximum payouts of 5x, 6x, 8x, 15x, 30x, and 50x. Keep in mind the minimum and maximum payouts are only achieved when landing 3 and 6 matching symbols in a payline, respectively.

About Bakery Bonanza (PG Soft) at BC.GAME

Apart from looking incredibly tasty, the gameplay of this video slot will also present players with the chance to earn some delectable rewards as well. Most of this is thankfully provided through the alluring math model, which promises exciting gameplay in all areas of this slot. Firstly, the gameplay takes place on an extraordinary grid with 6-reels and a 5-6-6-6-6-5 row setup.

This peculiar grid, among other features, causes an immense number of possible winning ways in Bakery Bonanza; this number can reach a whopping 32,400 paylines. PG Soft also advertises an immensely high payout potential within Bakery Bonanza; it’s stated that players can win up to 35,000x the base bet. This is rather exceptional, considering this slot has a high volatility, a high hit frequency of 33.22%, and an excellent RTP of 96.72%.

Features of Bakery Bonanza

It seriously doesn’t take an avid online slot player to know that there are tons of slots in the industry with the word “Bonanza” in their titles. This means PG Soft would have to add some seriously rewarding features to ensure it can separate itself from slots with the likes of Sweet Bonanza. Fortunately, beyond the excellent math model, players can also experience cascading reels throughout the gameplay.

In addition, the winning potential of the base game is increased further by wild symbols. There is also a unique feature that will upgrade symbols into wilds after a certain number of cascades. Furthermore, there’s a multipliers reel that will increase the value of a win that is formed, but only under certain conditions. Finally, players can also achieve free spins.

Cascading Reels

Many players will have encountered the cascading reels mechanic prior to the release of PG Soft’s new Bakery Bonanza. Although this means it’s not entirely authentic, this feature is rarely used in online slots, so it’s always a welcome treat. The feature is highly rewarding since it will allow players to formulate consecutive winning combinations. This is possible because each time a winning combination is formed, the symbols that have triggered the win will be removed from the reels, while new and randomly selected symbols fall into the corresponding positions. This sequence is known as a cascade, and it can occur infinitely until the maximum payout limit is reached.

There’s also a unique feature that will cause symbols that fill an entire row to land, and although these symbols will cover more lines to help grant winning combinations, each of these colossal symbols will only count as a single symbol according to the pay table. Therefore, they also help to grant wins, but the wins will not be any more substantial than normal wins with the same symbol type.

Wild Symbols

To stay in line with the culinary theme, the wild symbols are designed as a chef’s hat, so they’re also easily distinguishable from other symbols. These symbols only appear in positions across reels 2 to 6. When they do appear, they can substitute for any regular paying symbol. This will drastically help players form winning combinations, creating further cascades and bigger wins.

There is an additional feature that is intertwined with the wild symbols. Whenever winning combinations occur on reels 2 to 5, there is a random chance that a silver frame will appear over them. Once a win occurs in one of the silver frames, all the symbols in the respective frames are removed, and the frames become gold while new symbols land in their positions. Thereafter, if another win is formed in one of the gold frames, the symbols in the respective gold frames are removed, and up to 4 wild symbols will appear in the newly opened positions across the reels.


At the very beginning of this section, a multiplier reel is mentioned, and players will notice this reel at the very bottom of the grid. The multiplier reel will not simply show values and increase wins accordingly; instead, players must achieve a winning combination with one of the three symbol types that are seen in the multiplier, and only then the winning combination is increased by the multiplier. During the base game, the multiplier starts at 1x, and it will increase by 2x for each winning combination that is formed by matching symbols in both the grid and multiplier reel. This feature goes hand in hand with the cascading reels mechanic since players can achieve consecutive wins and increase their value with multipliers.

Free Spins

In order to access the free spin round of Bakery Bonanza, players will need to land 4 scatter symbols, and scatters will accumulate in cascading sequences. Therefore, completing 4 consecutive cascades will award players 10 free spins as a minimum, and they receive 2 additional free spins per each additional cascade thereafter. During the bonus round, the multiplier reel starts with a value of 3x, and it will now increase by 3x for every multiplier symbol that’s involved in a win. Furthermore, the multiplier never resets during this feature, and it comes with no upper limit. Players will also receive 1 extra free spin per scatter symbol that appears during the feature,


Once these reels begin firing up the ovens, it will be impossible to resist the sweet aromas that emanate from Anna’s bakery. Apart from helping one of the most prestigious pastry chefs in the industry, you’ll be presented with delectable prizes along the way. For the players that can withstand the heat of the kitchen for long enough, the rewards will only become sweeter since the multipliers never reset, always increase, and never stop increasing during the bonus rounds!

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