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Keno is a classical game that has been played for centuries. The idea is simple: pick some numbers and hope they come up. Keno is played on the same principle as bingo, but instead of trying to match numbers on your card with other players' cards, you are hoping your numbers will appear in an array of randomly-generated balls drawn from a drum.

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At the moment this definitly is one of my favorite games. I play it on medium 9 tiles, autoplay with a 100% increase on win and stop it manually. The increase on win gives it an extra dimension, and how longer the winning streak gets without stopping, the higher the tension/thrill gets :) If you hit a high multiplier on the end of a winningstreak, it can get real fun :) For example a $5 bet which hit 8 tiles on the 3th win in a row: https://bc.game/#/sd/10X8GI1MT82UJ7
What haooen with my acount
Ehat happen with my acount allways lose lol
fuckin scam scum
Keno biggest shit game loss over 100$ 5 numbers not hit trying since 5 days total eaten 500$ 10k bets wow wow what a targeting
Biggest shit game never touch this shit
Just hit a 350x on hard with a .40cent bet :)
I've won the most playing keno. Ive won over 15k on here. I've withdrawn several times. My only problem is after I win on keno, for some reason I leave the game that I win on and go lose it on other games. Sometimes I will continue winning on limbo or slots, but usually I would have been better off just doubling down and putting coco in a proper choke hold for the huge multipliers. Either way, EXPECT TO LOSE, because that's part of gambling. And don't bet small, because scared money don't make $
scam losowości zero, ustawione to
Turbo for eat fast 💀
wszystkie te gry to jedna wielka sciema.... losowośc jakaś dziwna tutaj, jakby ustawiona
Low risk same like high risk . Lol . Stupid
Good game ⏳🤑
Love me some keno
Finally hit 500x yesterday, and two 63x today. $0.13 bets 👍
👍 👎
Only in BC medium feel high
This is the most Profitable game in BC game.. honestly.... But use your head ✍️✍️
Came out $8500 up on 3 numbers