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This one is not your typical slot game. It has a unique theme, and its gameplay makes it stand out from the rest. The Egyptian theme is friendly to see in a game like this since it gives you something unique and an amazing feeling to what you usually see in other games.



It doesn't matter how much game I bet or if I change my seed, I lose all bets this fucking game is 100% fixed for us to lose
Blum hoki....tp seneng dpt hiburan
No chance of winning 🤣😂
Hey it's called gambling not winning. Its like life. Go into it with a bad attitude, bad will come your way. Vice versa. Good luck to you all. I lost on this game but when it hits, wow some of the biggest multipliers I've seen. You need to wager higher and you'll see returns.
Egyptian-Win 46461036357841298 3/15/2023, 11:11:44 PM $39.40 16 cents each bet lost my entire 40 bucks except 2 final dollars and that damn bonus showed up just in time. All that struggle and I got my money back.. I still feel like I lost. It's a fun game though I like the suspense of it. Great times @BC😜💪
Only lose
The best game ❤️😎
I won nice
If Ur patient level is 100 u can make Ur deposit 3 times or more from this game🥰
For some reason my game won't load fully, it goes to 100% but then just stays there and the game never starts
When you hit big win , you should change the seed. You Dont need to trust me but you could try.
best slot 🤑
This game pays my bills!
Good luck​🤞​
How do you change seeds in sword oriental beauties and egyptian
even if for a longer time now i did not hit big multi, i will say it over and over again. BEST INHOUSE GAME avaliable to play here