Tungkol sa larong ito

Let's stock up on noodle bowls and video games to travel to the Land of the Rising Sun now that Toshi Video Club has been done in a properly playful manner. Toshi is a male given name that can indicate anything from "excellent individual" to "divine grace". Toshi Video Club can be best described as hip. The design of the game by Hacksaw features a very small number of colors, giving it a distinctively minimalistic appearance. The inconspicuous street in monochrome has a Manga charge.

Impormasyon ng Laro
Disenyo ng Reel
Saklaw ng mga pusta
$20 to $100
Max Win
Manalo ng mga paraan
I -type
Libreng spins
RTP (bumalik sa player)
Hit rate
Nagtatampok ng mga tag
Ipakita pa