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Pragmatic Play
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Bc tott.. kismin wkwkwkw
Stop main di bc
Mending pindah situs jangan di BC tolo
Game scam jangan pernah main di bc guyss
Anjing 🐶
Scam game. 600$ lost without chances
Di buy 6kali isinya parah ini game....busuk
Buy fs so many times but got nothing... Scam or what? Really broke game!!!
Parah banget parah banget.losss losssss anjing bandar
Parah,anjing setan slot neraka
Losss100 persen
Berengsek game
+300 easy
hard respins, it will give you all or take it all
mto bom VERY g00d g4m3
Max win mantap.. Bet 2000 buy ampas saldo tingal 21k buy mlh max win owww uus
Be careful of this game. I won 15 free spins, but was stopped after the 5th one for reaching the “max winnings” for my bet. Super sneaky stuff and i wasn’t able to find anything explaining such a limitation in the rules or pay tables. Must be some clause in the pragmatic play terms and conditions or something. Regardless, it was a bit of a let down and i definitely felt i had been ripped off. I finally get my big payout after all I’ve put into and i get stopped a third of the way through