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Egyptian İncelemeler
This one is not your typical slot game. It has a unique theme, and its gameplay makes it stand out from the rest. The Egyptian theme is friendly to see in a game like this since it gives you something unique and an amazing feeling to what you usually see in other games.
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The Egyptian Slot Machine is a 5-reel, 20-line slot machine featuring a wild symbol, free spins, and a bonus feature.

This one is not your typical slot game. It has a unique theme, and its gameplay makes it stand out from the rest. The Egyptian theme is friendly to see in a game like this since it gives you something unique and an amazing feeling to what you usually see in other games.

The graphics are good but not great, but they do the job well. The sound effects are also decent, but nothing outstanding, either. The only real rule you will abide by with this game is that there are no payouts when you hit five or more symbols on an active line; this means that if you hit five symbols the same on an active line, then it will only count as four symbols for your payout which can be pretty annoying at times since it makes you lose money for hitting five of any symbol in one spin on an active line!

Egyptian at BC.GAME: Features

Egyptian at BC.GAME has created a complete set of provably fair games. It has both basic slot games and unique games based on the stories and traditions of different cultures. The latest addition to our collection is an Egyptian slot game.

In this game, you will see:

  • Ancient Egypt theme and atmosphere;
  • A pyramid with hieroglyphs;
  • A Sphinx with a mysterious smile (you can find it on one of the reels);
  • The symbols are also unique for this slot game — you will find hieroglyphs and other symbols from Ancient Egypt.

In this game, symbols are placed on a three-by-three grid, just like all other slots that were created on the site except the Emerald slot game. It is because it's the only one with five reels instead of three and a different layout. The symbols are based on Ancient Egypt.

Egyptian at BC.GAME Slot Machine is a straightforward game, so you won't need any tutorials on how to play it. However, if you want more information about the slots, please read this guide below.

To start playing Egyptian Slot Machine, click on the "Play for Free" button in the topmost right side of your screen and then choose one of the available lines from the left-side menu. Once you've selected several coins per line (1 coin = 1 cent), start spinning the reels by clicking on the "Spin" button. When you win combinations of symbols with a higher value than you put as a bet (1 coin), you will get paid out according to your bet size multiplied by the total payout value (combination of symbols) found on that spin - see Paytable tab below for more info about payouts per combination of symbols).

The paytable is very simple in its design and layout. However, it is still interesting to look at as many Egyptian-related themes are used throughout the game design and animations, making it feel unique from other games.

As you might think from the title, one of the most advanced cultures of Ancient Egypt serves as the theme for this game. Being inspired by Ancient Egypt is not something unheard of. Numerous books, paintings, and movies have been dedicated to this topic since the 19th century.

It's no wonder many people are interested in Egyptian culture, especially those who love playing slot games online or offline! The slot machine has known as one of the most popular games for gambling enthusiasts worldwide because it offers a wide range of different themes you can use to create an exciting gameplay experience. And thanks to its popularity, plenty of Egyptian-themed slots are available online today!

This particular slot machine is based on ancient Egyptian mythology: it features various characters from Egyptian myths like Anubis (the god associated with death), Horus (the falcon-headed sky god), Osiris (god of fertility), and Isis (wife of Osiris).

Cleopatra, a Symbol of the Egyptian

Cleopatra can appear on one, two, or three reels when she is a symbol in the game. The more reels that Cleopatra appears on, the more you win. The prize for hitting all three reels can be increased to 600x your initial bet amount if you increase your bet size.

Egyptian at BC.GAME: Verdict

Cleopatra is one of the greatest in terms of famous figures in history, and her life was so full of drama that it's hard not to find inspiration from it. At BC.GAME, it hastens this theme to create an Egyptian slot game where players can relive Cleopatra's colorful story while enjoying some great prizes along the way! Enjoy the game while earning and make your leisure time worthwhile. Share Egyptian at BC.GAME with your friends and make the best bonding times with this type of game on the web.

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Dang. Those stats are horrible. Like I said it seems that they patched their games after that rio comp.
Profit $- 53.18 Win 27 Lose 221
$ -11.62 Win 6 Lose 50
House edge: 83.5% There fixed it.
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£ 191.28 Profit £- 37.63 Win 30 Lose 215
the odds on this game have changed for the worse, save your money and play a non- bc.game
u can be sure that your chances of winning in lottorey are higher than Egyptian :))
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$- 34.82 Win 12 Lose 117
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- cun5t off day and night. 88.38 -$ 88.11 Win 62 Lose 432
-57.02 Win 49 Lose 348
I hope you get hit with a class action pieces of shit
Burn in hell creators
Feel like the RTP is not 97.5% to be honest
Worst fucking game
fk off Profit -$28.37 Win 9 Lose 72
rigged s vfuck now ...... $-58.67 Win 70 Lose 471
You funked this game totally Profit $-48.06 Win 7 Lose 182