Dreams of Macau

RTP (پلیئر کو واپس جاتا)


ریل مستعفی

6 x 5

لکی سپن

جی ہاں

جیتنے کے رستے


میکس جیت


ہٹ ریٹ


اتار چڑھاؤ


بازی کی رینج

$0.2 to $20

اس کھیل کے بارے میں

About Dreams of Macau (PG Soft) at BC.GAME

Pocket Games Soft (PG Soft) comprises experienced designers who developed the Dreams of Macau at BC.GAME video slot game. This new game offers an engaging and fun gaming experience with a style that recalls the excitement of playing in a land-based casino.

The Dreams of Macau slot game becomes much more engaging with its cascading wins feature, which is not new but is always appreciated by players. PG Soft has successfully brought the thrill of Macau to your home comfort with this game.

Introduction to Dreams of Macau (PG Soft)

The Dreams of Macau perfectly blends the Chinese and Western themes together. The six-by-five reel design with an additional innovative four-by-one top reel is very familiar to experienced players and yet simple enough for newcomers to get used to, while the engaging soundtrack and various audio effects manage to create a true real-life casino atmosphere.

Basic Symbols

The Dreams of Macau has 11 Basic symbols, including 10, J, Q, K, A, Dice, Casino Chips, Briefcase With Money, Luxury Watch, Sports Car, and Woman. To get a winning combination you must land at least three identical Basic symbols. These symbols will then explode, and new ones will cascade down to their place. All of them have various bet multipliers depending on the number landed from three to six:

10, J, and Q:
3 - 0.05x; 4 - 0.1x; 5 - 0.15x; and 6 - 0.2x.
K and A:
3 - 0.2x; 4 - 0.3x; 5 - 0.4x; 6 - 0.5x.
Dice and Casino Chips:
3 - 0.3x; 4 - 0.5x; 5 - 0.6x; 6 - 0.75x.
Briefcase With Money:
3 - 0.4x; 4 - 0.75x; 5 - 1x; 6 - 1.5x.
Luxury Watch:
3 - 0.5x; 4 - 1.25x; 5 - 2x; 6 - 3x.
Sports Car:
3 - 1x; 4 - 1.25x; 5 - 2.5x; 6 - 3.5x.
3 - 1.5x; 4 - 2x; 5 - 3x; 6 - 4x.

Sticky Wilds-on-the-Way

Some of the Basic symbols have a silver border around them and fill from two to four symbol slots. They appear only on reels two, three, four, and five. If they are included in a winning combination, their border will turn gold, and the symbol will be swapped to a random one, but not into a Wild or a Scatter. If there is another win after that, then the golden-framed symbol will turn into a Wild.


Wilds are designed as mini little slot machines with 777 on them. As always, the base game mechanics behind these symbols are quite similar to other casino games - they can replace any other symbol except for Scatter. Additionally, Dreams of Macau has several little nuances added to the Wilds. First, they appear only on reels two, three, four, and five. Second, Sticky Wilds-on-the-Way Wilds have a numerical spin value on them, reflecting how many times they can be utilized in a winning combination before being destroyed.

We'll walk you through this step-by-step. You make a spin and get a winning combination involving a silver-framed symbol, which then turns into a random golden-framed one. The cascading down symbols create another combo, turning the golden-framed symbol into a Sticky Wilds-on-the-Way Wild with a random numerical spin value. If there are no more wins after that and you make a second spin, then every symbol, including the special Wilds, will cascade down. However, if that is not the case, then after a combo involving a Wild, its spin value will subtract by one. So, if the initial value was two, it becomes one, or if it was one in the first place, the special Wild gets destroyed.

Scatters and Free Spins

Scatters look like diamonds, and landing four will result in 15 Free Spins while getting an extra Scatter above four will reward you with two additional Free Spins. At the start of a Free Spin game, the multiplier is set to 1x. After you get paid for a winning combination, it is increased by one, and on each spin, this mechanic will repeat itself. For example, a Free Spin round was triggered, and you got a winning combination, the rewards of which were multiplied by 1x and paid afterward. On the next spin, if there is a combo, the rewards will be multiplied by 2x, then 3x, 4x, and so on and so forth.

Feature Buy

As a player, you can buy Free Spins for 75x of your initial bet with a Feature Buy button. It guarantees a minimum of four Scatters on the next spin, which, in the end, results in 15 Free Spins.  

Strategy for Dreams of Macau (PG Soft)

Dreams of Macau is a medium-volatility video slot game with a balanced win/loss ratio. For example, high-volatility slots wins are rare but huge, while low-volatility ones have frequent spins resulting in success but with low pay. All of this brings us to the conclusion, that a recommended bet should be in the medium range. First, we would suggest you start with small bets to get your feet wet. Later, you can utilize medium-sized ones when you get used to the game mechanics. Another thing we would recommend is to trigger Feature Buy because with a minimum of 15 Free Spins and a starting 1x multiplier, getting your money’s worth from this feature will be quite easy.  

Dreams of Macau (PG Soft): Summary

Dreams of Macau at BC.GAME is an amazing slot game that combines classic features with its own unique and innovative ones. The experienced players and newcomers alike can dive into it and feel assured that they will have a ton of fun and leave with a good chunk of profit in their pockets. No need to wait for traveling to Macau when you have Dreams of Macau at BC.GAME at your disposal! Let the money flow inside your wallet!  

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