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Hand of Anubis at BC.GAME takes its inspiration from Ancient Egypt, only with a slightly darker theme and concept. The game revolves around Anubis, the God of the Dead, where players are taken into the shadowy underworld as they try and win treasures by landing winning combos.

Thông tin Trò chơi
Người cung cấp
Di động
Thiết kế ống
6 x 5
Phạm vi tiền đặt cược
$0.1 to $100
Thắng Lớn Nhất
Cách thắng
Video Slots
Lượt quay miễn phí
RTP (Trở lại người chơi)
Biến động
Tỷ lệ trúng
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77$ Bonus buy and reward was 0.45$ not eve a [email protected]#$& 1x...
Yeah I lost over $450 before even hitting anything over $0.40 betting $4 but I kept playing and then I hit a multiplier of like 286.98x and won like $1200. it only took an hour to achieve though
It's official, I'm getting a tattoo of both a hacksaw art piece and nolimitcity art piece.
I make same sounds as this slot when I am very hung over.