Hash Dice
Phát ra:9/10/2020
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BC Originals
Di động
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$0.2 to $100
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BC Provably fairs
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Hash Dice at BC.GAME is a variation of a dice game offered in this well-known casino platform. True to its core, it is a probability game which was developed using blockchain algorithm and hash value calculation. This fact alone contributes to the thrill and exciting nature of the game, especially since players are more engaged, intrigued, and kept on toes with their predictions and bets.

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Bc is definitely the most trusted website among cyrptocurrency websites
Can you give me my withdrawal money Bc? You know what i mean.
The best casino ❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️
Win from everywhere and loss all in BC
after last upgrade... Game sucks !!!!
I found this hard to win big price
Nothing is known, it mostly shows that it is based on a certain rhythm and repetition of numbers, but when your nerves are weak, then it gives strange negative numbers.
fixed daily spin shit
Gogogo guys
Winning is like searching a drop of water in Desert.
My favorite game ♥
I need a honest feedback! Did anyone every hit anything on this game.. I been playing so I wanted to be fully committed to this if yes
| 20 | 33 | 45 | 55 | 66 | 75 | 88 | 222 | 305 | 444 | 555 | 666 | 888 | 1205 | 2500 | 3000 |
Is you the biggest wiener?
Rarely win mostly loss...
Easy to hit big multis upto 3500 in under 500 spins...For me the most profitable house game on bc.....
i love bcgame even i m not on profit 😚
My favourite game ♥