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The game's focus on massive magical beasts, with some mystical qualities,is reflected in the enormous prizes they provide.

Most of the slot's payouts come from the bonus round's random multipliers. Monster Multipliers has colorful, cartoonish visuals and upbeat music.

Strange creatures of all sizes, hues, and patterns populate the reels. By their relative sizes, you can tell the difference between the nine standard symbols—five high and four low. Land at least eight identical symbols anywhere on the grid to win, and they don't have to be contiguous on the reels.

Thông tin Trò chơi
Người cung cấp
Di động
Thiết kế ống
6 x 5
Phạm vi tiền đặt cược
$0.2 to $500
Thắng Lớn Nhất
Cách thắng
Video Slot
Lượt quay miễn phí
RTP (Trở lại người chơi)
Biến động
Tỷ lệ trúng
Mục Tính năng
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